The JEC Composites Innovation Awards winners revealed

Category: Renewable energies

New Acrylic Adhesives for A Better World - Huntsman Advanced Materials (Switzerland)

Partners: Antala, Spain - Biesterfeld Group - Bodo Moeller Chemie GMBH, Germany - Emanuele Mascherpa S.p.A, Italy – Samaro, France - Viba NL, Netherlands

New technology of non-flammable, low-odor, and primer-free structural acrylate adhesives with a favorable health and safety profile, providing exceptional bonding performance on multiple substrates. The innovation is a new acrylic adhesives technology that cures fast, creates high strength and high elongation bonds, outstanding stress and impact resistance, and importantly, unlike many structural adhesives, provides an effective solution to multiple sustainability-related challenges, without compromising performance (Non-flammable classification, favorable health and safety profile, low odor and limited surface preparation) (…).

Key benefits:

  • Safety, wellbeing, and productivity
  • Reduced CO2 emissions (transport)
  • Financial savings (storage/protection)
  • Performance, multi-substrates, and composites bonding
  • Material models available for simulation

Category: Sports, Leisure & Recreation

Recyclable Thermoset Cfrp Composite Bike - Swancor Holding CO., LTD (Taiwan)  

Partners(s): Gigantex Composite Technologies CO., LTD, Taiwan

Thermoset CFRP bicycle was made from recyclable EzCiclo prepreg. Composite parts can be recycled by CleaVer liquid to reclaim resin and fiber enabling closed-loop recycling of thermoset composite.

Swancor presents recyclable thermosetting resin "EzCiclo" and degradation liquid “CleaVer”. EzCiclo is a recyclable epoxy resin. Hot melt prepregs made of EzCiclo RB-564 with different Fiber Average Weight (FAW) are used to produce composite bicycle parts including frame, handlebar, front fork and rims. The End-of-life composite parts made from EzCiclo can be degraded by CleaVER liquid at 130°C-150°C for 4 hours, enabling complete separation of matrix and fiber. The crosslinked matrix is dissolved in CleaVER and can be reused. The reclaimed fiber shows comparable properties compared to virgin fiber (…).

Key benefits:

  • 100% recyclable thermoset composite bicycle parts with promising properties
  • Innovative resin system enables closed-loop recycling of thermoset composite
  • Ease of adoption with existing manufacturing facilities and processes
  • Lower carbon emission recycling and generate no waste
  • Higher value of recycled resin and fiber