Krzysztof Tarasiewicz

Content Manager / Advertising / Reporter

+48 530 704 050 kt(at)

Krzysztof Tarasiewicz

Grzegorz Robionek

Content manager / Advertising specialist / Photoreporter

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Grzegorz Robionek

Available forms of advertising

Business Directory

The Business Directory is a collection of data from the plastics and packaging industries. Customers can quickly reach the specific services and products they are looking for and contact your company. Company entries on our site are associated with the offers and news about them.

4660 companies registered in vortal

B2B Offers

The Plastech B2B offers market is a business advertisement platform that enables you to present services products and establish contacts between businesses. Regular adding offers will allow you to reach a wide audience. Highlight your ads and stay ahead of the competition!

133777 all published B2B offers.

Banner layout

Banner Advertisement campaign

Banner advertising catches the attention of users and stays in their minds. It is ideal for building an identity and strengthening brand awareness. It allows you to reach the largest group of users of the website. Low cost of reaching the customer is a result of a very large range and a specific target group.

Banner type Desktop dimensions [px] Mobile dimensions [px]
Wideboard 1304x168 524x233
Banner #1 974x110 524x116
Banner #2 974x110 524x116
Navibox 314x302 220x212
Button #1 314x112 220x78
Button #2 314x112 220x78
Button #3 314x112 220x78

Before ordering, please contact us to confirm the availability of advertising space in the month for which the banner campaign is planned..

Banners displayed in the rotational system - every sixth page view

Place of display: Polish language version (

€1.170,00 Add to cart

Place of display: English and German language version (

42% of all visits are sessions by users viewing the site on mobile (10.2023). Therefore, all banners are made and displayed in two independent versions: desktop and mobile. The mobile version appears on screens with a width of less than 415px. Banners are produced in HTML5 technology or in the following formats: jpg, gif, png.

Creation of an animated desktop banner and a static mobile version: €144,00

The creation of banners is free of charge for banner campaigns with the value above: €860,00

Newsletter advertisement

Newsletter is sent to registered Plastech users that have agreed for its receiving (current actual number of recivers is 13535)

Czasopismo Plast Echo

Print advertising in Plast Echo magazine

"Plast Echo" is a bi-monthly magazine for the plastics processing industry. In addition to presenting valuable content, the magazine also provides an opportunity to effectively reach out to potential customers and contractors, as each issue of 'Plast Echo' is distributed to key companies and institutions operating in the plastics processing industry, both in print (circulation of ~2000 copies) and electronically (available on the platform). Printed copies of the magazine are also actively distributed at major national and international industry events.

Rhythm of machines


€1.310,00 Add to cart

PlasticPortal logo Advertising on the Czech and Slovak markets

Service Description Ner Price
Full profile
  • Company Logo
  • Company profile, offer in Slovak, Czech and English version
  • Contacts, hyperlink to own website
  • Classification into categories with no limit
  • Possibility to insert keywords (in Slovak, Czech, English)
  • Photogalery
  • Login for administration of your company profile all over the year.
  • Publishing of PR articles on free of charge
  • Publishing of company events on PlasticPortal homepage (workshops, exhibitions)
€ 280 / year  
Banner campaing TOP banner
1140 x 102 px / PC
500 x 125 px / Mobile (Android, iOS)
€ 500 / month
Banner campaing A1, A2 banner
745 x 90 px / PC
500 x 125 px / Mobile (Android, iOS)
€ 250 / month
Banner campaing B1*, B2, B3 banner
340 x 250 px / PC, Mobile (Android, iOS)
€ 250 / *€ 350
/ month
Banner campaing B4 banner
340 x 453 px / PC, Mobile (Android, iOS)
€ 250 / month
Banner creation € 60
Newsletter advertisement The newsletter is sending to all registered users. Advertising in the newsletter is a very effective, non-invasive form of advertising. Text advertisement (linked) € 60
Emailing Your commercial information send by e-mail to selected group of PlasticPortal users (approx. 4500 address) so it reaches target group E-mail editing, group selection under your request. Creation of design and HTML code included. € 230
Sponsored article Introduce your new products, technologies and services in PR article with pictures and hyperlinks. Archived on PlasticPortal € 250

Terms and conditions of advertisement:

  • All hereby prices are net values and do not include the VAT tax.
  • Packages are not automatically extended for the following year.
  • VAT invoices are issued for the service.