Dyes & additives

Plastics additives modify and enhance the properties of polymers. They are used e.g. to improve the plastification, stability and prevent oxidation and microbial attack. Very important group of plastics additives are pigments, which are used to create desired colours attractive for consumers.


Pellenc ST & Ampacet join

Pellenc ST & Ampacet join forces to recycle black PET

Pellenc ST and Ampacet, respectively global leaders in sensor-based sorting solutions and masterbatch solutions, collaborated on sorting studies to optimize the recyclability of dark PET packaging on existing recycling lines.
Bio-Fed at K 2022 - Sustainable

Bio-Fed at K 2022 - Sustainable products in focus

Bio-Fed, an expert in the development and production of biodegradable and/or biobased plastics as well as biomass-balanced PP compounds will present its product range on a joint booth at the new location in Hall 6, C52 at K 2022.

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