Dyes & additives

Plastics additives modify and enhance the properties of polymers. They are used e.g. to improve the plastification, stability and prevent oxidation and microbial attack. Very important group of plastics additives are pigments, which are used to create desired colours attractive for consumers.


Wacker launches renewables-based

Wacker launches renewables-based silicone sealants

Wacker is extending its silicone portfolio to include silicone sealants based on renewable raw materials. With its Elastosil eco brand now launched in Europe, the Munich-based chemical Group is able to offer products manufactured using bio-based methanol to silicone sealant suppliers.

Ampacet offers halogen-free

Ampacet offers halogen-free flame retardant masterbatches

Ampacet now offers halogen-free flame retardant masterbatches, Halofree 709 and Halofree 229, featuring outstanding flame retardancy in polyethylene film at low addition rates and compliance with health and environmental safety protection regulations.

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