Dyes & additives

Plastics additives modify and enhance the properties of polymers. They are used e.g. to improve the plastification, stability and prevent oxidation and microbial attack. Very important group of plastics additives are pigments, which are used to create desired colours attractive for consumers.


Entering a new age for Gabriel-Chemie

Entering a new age for Gabriel-Chemie

The group is proud to announce that Stefanie Sommer, daughter of CEO Elisabeth Sommer, and granddaughter of founder Josef Houska, will take over a new important strategic role in the company.

PolyOne launches new black

PolyOne launches new black masterbatch colorants

PolyOne today announced the availability of OnColor RC Environmental Black. Derived from end-of-life tires, this new color concentrate is a sustainable alternative to those based on virgin carbon black.

Technocom LLC - business start

Technocom LLC - business start in the EU

Technocom LLC was established in Ukraine in 1994. Technocom LLC is the Ukrainian market leader and one of the leading masterbatch manufacturers in Eastern Europe and this year in September celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Systems for surface design

Systems for surface design and finishing

At this year’s All China Leather Exhibition (ACLE), which will take place from September 3 to 5, 2019, in Shanghai, China, specialty chemicals company Lanxess will present a new system offering for functional coatings under the name Pellart.

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