Dyes & additives

Plastics additives modify and enhance the properties of polymers. They are used e.g. to improve the plastification, stability and prevent oxidation and microbial attack. Very important group of plastics additives are pigments, which are used to create desired colours attractive for consumers.


Evonik focuses on additives

Evonik focuses on additives for plastics and rubber recycling

Evonik is engaged in research and development work to come up with solutions for recycling plastics and rubber. As a specialty chemicals company, the Group can count on extensive know-how in the area of specialties and additives to support this effort.

Clariant launches new bio-based

Clariant launches new bio-based additives at K 2019

Clariant unveils new high-performance additives promoting reduction in the consumption of fossil resources, to support the creation of value chain cycles which utilize viable and sustainable renewable sources and combat climate change.

Plastics coloring: sustainable

Plastics coloring: sustainable effects

At K 2019 Karl Finke GmbH & Co. KG from Wuppertal, Germany, focuses on sustainability. Core topics will be innovative solutions for coloring PCR polyolefins and bio-polymers as well as laser marking as a sustainable alternative to printed labels.

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