Composites are materials made from (at least) two materials with different properties, which constitute matrix and reinforcement. The most common matrices are polymers, and to reinforce composites are used synthetic and natural fibers. Composites posses unique properties, which exceed the properties of the raw materials. Composites are used e.g. in transportation, construction and medicine.


Engel at JEC World 2022 in

Engel at JEC World 2022 in Paris

JEC World 2022 from 3 to 5 May in Paris, France, showcases the entire value chain of the composites industry. One important step in this chain is the shaping of thermoplastic fibre-composite preforms.
Closing the loop with aluminum

Closing the loop with aluminum barrier tubes

Hoffmann Neopac has signed a partnership with Saperatec. The manufacturer of barrier tubes for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and oral care products will supply its production waste to the first industrial recycling plant for aluminum laminate composites.
JEC World 2022 postponed

JEC World 2022 postponed

After thorough consultation with the exhibitors and partners of the event, JEC Group has decided to postpone the 2022 edition of JEC World. The world’s leading composites event will now take place from May 3rd to 5th, 2022.
SABIC pioneers with new LNP

SABIC pioneers with new LNP Elcrin iQ compounds

SABIC launched today new LNP Elcrin WF006XXPiQ compound and LNP Elcrin WF0061XPiQ compound, the first two grades in a new portfolio of materials that incorporate pre-consumer recycled glass fiber diverted from the waste stream of industrial processes.

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Kompozyt-Expo 2023

Kompozyt-Expo 2023

Kraków, 2023-10-04

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