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Rubber is a raw material possessing unique properties, which is used in many applications. Natural rubber is harvested from plants and the synthetic rubber is synthesised from petroleum byproducts. After curing of the long polymer chains rubber can be used to produce tyres, hoses, belts, seals etc.


A track-proven tire with 46%

A track-proven tire with 46% sustainable content

At the 2021 Movin’On Summit, Michelin is set to unveil a racing tire containing 46% sustainable materials, fitted to the GreenGT Mission H24 hydrogen-powered prototype developed for endurance racing.
Scrap tires - the new recycled

Scrap tires - the new recycled construction material

Vehicle tires of course belong on the road, but they have also increasingly found their way into the road. That is made possible by recycled scrap tires and Vestenamer, a process aid manufactured by Evonik Industries.

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