Polypropylene (PP) - news on Plastech

New Moplen grades for thin-walled injection molding

LyondellBasell announced the addition of Moplen grade HP742U and Moplen grade HP743V to its polypropylene (PP) product portfolio.

LyondellBasell announces sale of Argentina-based Petroken

YPF S.A. and Grupo Inversor Petroquimica S.L. have accepted an offer to purchase LyondellBasell's Argentina-based Petroken Petroquimica Ensenada S.A.

New applications of Neopolen P

Neopolen P reFLAM meets fire safety requirements of the aviation industry for applications in aircraft.

Extremely lightweight for an extreme alpine crossing

Paraglider harness incorporates ultra-strong sandwich composite with honeycomb core.

Sibur launches production of new PP grades

Sibur has added new advanced polypropylene (PP) grades to its product mix.

Milliken showcases Ultra Clear PP thermoforming solutions

At IPACK-IMA 2015 Milliken will show ultra clear PP sheet extrusion and thermoforming solutions for food packaging with high value recycling benefits.

LyondellBasell: New solutions for automotive industry

The company will showcase new Products at the VDI Plastics nn Automotive Engineering conference.

New grade of Vistamaxx from of  ExxonMobil Chemical

ExxonMobil Chemical is introducing a new grade to its portfolio of Vistamaxx performance polymers.

Ineos licenses Innovene PP process to Fund Energy

Fund Energy selected Ineos Technologies' Innovene PP process for their new project in China.

 Total completes its non-phthalate catalyzed PP product range

Total offers a complete range of polymers using non-phthalate catalysts.

Biaxplen expands export markets

Biaxplen has expanded its export supplies of biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film to the European market.

Medical packaging with new Sabic's polypropylene

An 'Ultra-Clear' PP medicine dosage delivery system, made of SABIC's new medical grade SABIC PP PCGR40, has been launched by experts at Bormioli Rocco.

New PP plant in Oman with Spheripol technology

ORPIC has selected the LyondellBasell Spheripol polypropylene process technology for a new 300 KTA polypropylene plant.

Propylene value chain in the USA

A new Ceresana's market study provides complete transparency regarding current and future development of the entire propylene value chain.

Weak collection of HDPE/PP bottle fractions in Europe

Herbert Snell (Multiport GmbH) highlighted together with the PRE member companies the need to boost the collection of the HDPE/PP bottle fractions.