PE, PP prices slide further in Poland

PE, PP prices slide further…

The situation has been unclear in the Polish polyolefin market in the first week of July. Traders have informed that converters are actively asking for quotes, but few of them are buying the commodities. Converters of polypropylene, its copolymers in particular, are the most active. They buy mostly for the production of irrigation and sewage pipes. According to market players, the manufacture of PP raffia ropes has practically stopped in Poland. There is almost no demand for this PP grade.

The construction industry has rebounded somewhat owing to the introduction of the government assistance programme Safe Credit 2%. Although only young people under the age of 45 years buying their first property are eligible for the participation in this programme, demand is quite high, experts say.

LDPE and HDPE demand has been moderate in the period under review. Producers of films for the food and the construction industries have taken the lead in purchases of these polymer types.

Prices for some PE and PP grades have dropped. Different HDPE ones have depreciated by €25 - 40/t. The black PE 100 material has got €50/t cheaper. LDPE prices have been running flat this week, but they are likely to decrease next one. PP ones have lost €10 - 40/t.

Some European polymer makers are still undecided about new prices. ‘Producers are still analysing the market. On Monday, I think we will know exactly what we have,’ a Polish polyolefin trader has commented.

PE and PP prices are expected to fall by another €30 - 40/t in July amid tepid demand. Converters are waiting for next week to recommence buying. A spike in demand is unlikely until September.


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