Pipes - news on Plastech

Pipelife takes over Isoterm

Pipelife Norge takes over Isoterm AS, a producer of frost-resistant and pre-insulated plastic pipes based in Norway.

Special system for 5-layer

Poloplast, a processor established in Europe, implements a special solution with help from KraussMaffei Berstorff

Chinaplas 2018: Premium quality

KraussMaffei Berstorff presents premium quality solutions in PVC and PO pipe extrusion at Chinaplas in Shanghai. The company is introducing biaxially oriented PVC pipe technology together with Baosu Pipe Industry.

Efficient extrusion technology

battenfeld-cincinnati returns to Interplastica 2018 with extrusion solutions that increase flexibility and performance while saving material and energy in pipe, profile and thermoforming sheet production.

KraussMaffei Berstorff to

Modernization through space-saving solution concepts for 3-layer HDPE pipes. Newcomer invests in KraussMaffei Berstorff PVC pelletizing system.

TEPPFA launches international

Curated by TEPPFA and in partnership with four National Associations, Discover Plastics drives awareness of the natural suitability of plastic pipes for sewer and stormwater applications.

Molecor expands its PVC-O

Molecor has just expanded the production capacity of Oriented PVC Pipes in South Africa.

Uponor planning $17 million

By the end of the year, Uponor’s footprint in the area will put 738,000 square feet of space — almost 17 acres of facilities — under roof. The total includes a distribution center and resin-receiving facility in Lakeville, Minn.

Tehno World purchases PO pipe

Romanian pipe manufacturer buys complete line for PO pipes up to 1.2 m in an EU sponsored project.

First polyolefin solid-wall

Large South Korean pipe manufacturer orders extrusion technology from battenfeld-cincinnati.

Speed and cost efficiency

With FDC battenfeld-cincinnati demonstrates its special competence for pipe extrusion equipment at a customers' event.

Large diameter pipe extrusion

The company has installed more than 100 PO and PVC pipe extrusion lines for diameters from 800 mm upwards.

New Lupolen resin for pipe

LyondellBasell announced the introduction of Lupolen 5461 B Q 471 B, a grade with higher melt flow rate that improves processing in screw extrusion.

New Hostalen Resist grade

LyondellBasell introduces new Hostalen Resist grade for gas distribution piping systems.

First  2,000 mm pipe extrusion

Vietnamese company Tien Phong orders another complete extrusion line from battenfeld-cincinnati.