Harald Schwarzmayr becomes the new TEPPFA President

Harald Schwarzmayr becomes…

TEPPFA, the leading voice of plastic pipe system producers in Europe, is delighted to announce that Harald Schwarzmayr, Chief Operating Officer West at Wienerberger, has been unanimously voted as the new president for the next two years, effective immediately.

TEPPFA members convened in Brussels on May 14, 2024, for the General Assembly. The agenda included the appointment of a new President, a new Vice-President, as well as the customary renewal of mandates for the Executive Committee.

Harald Schwarzmayr, holding a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from TU Vienna, started his career in management consulting. After joining Wienerberger in 1997, he worked in various roles at the HQ before relocating to the United Kingdom, where he built up the British business for Wienerberger. From there, he moved on to Wienerberger’s piping division, Pipelife, which he led as its CEO and subsequently as a member of the board of Wienerberger. Harald currently serves as the COO for Wienerberger AG for the region WEST and is responsible within the group for the strategic development of Wienerberger’s pipe activities.


"I’m honored to step into the role of TEPPFA President. With its low carbon footprint and ease of use, plastic pipe systems are essential for Europe’s quest to complete the transition to fossil free energy, namely the transport of electricity, hydrogen and biogas as well as managing Europe’s water. Our solutions allow for collection, retention and reuse of stormwater, optimising the usage of water for our agriculture to, most importantly, providing drinking water of the highest quality. In doing so, the industry provides crucial applications that counter the impact of water shortage and flash floods caused by climate change. As we navigate the challenges outlined in TEPPFA’s 2024-2029 manifesto, we are committed to the implementation of Europe’s Green Deal, further decarbonising of our industry and delivering our water resilience strategy embedded in a strong, industrial Europe", says Harald Schwarzmayr.