In-mould labelling (IML) - news on Plastech

New APC machine function from KraussMaffei provides stability

KH Foliotec utilizes APC in the production of premium quality interior components with in-mold labeling (IML).

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Printing Company Verstraete is working with a super-transparent film that makes possible to leave sections of the IML label without lacquer so as to create a no-label look.

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New Borsoft PP grade makes squeezable tube innovation a reality for cosmetics packaging.

IML with labels printed on both sides for the perfect decoration

Higher reliability in production thanks to uncompromising QA (Quality Assurance) approach: Beck Automation and Glaroform demonstrate IML thin-walled cup.

Printing Company Verstraete produces sustainable In-Mould Labels

Printing Company Verstraete believes in IML as environmentally sensible packaging and pays attention to sustainable development. This is the reasont to support and develope IML labeling which makes IML packaging simple to recycle because it is made of one type of material (monopackaging).

Metallic IML making strong headway

Metallic IML labels with the metallic look obtained exceeds far and away the look of “standard” metallic inks have been introduced by Printing Company Verstraete. Metallic IML is particularly successful in the paint, cosmetic, exclusive food and storage box market segments. The transition from metal packaging to plastic packaging with metallic IML has also proved to be a cost-efficient solution on the market.

In-mould labelling with barrier label, 2K injection with EVOH, and 3D Coating

Waldorf Technik GmbH & Co. KG, based at Engen, Germany, is a specialized high-end design, engineering and manufacturing company of downstream automation for injection moulding solutions and systems.

Flexible IML automation for injection molded thin-wall packaging

Marbach Werkzeugbau GmbH, a leading global supplier of injection molding and thermoforming tooling and related automation for the packaging industry, has introduced the industry’s latest in flexible in-mold labeling (IML) automation for injection molded thin-wall packaging. The debut took the place at K 2010 last month.

IML premiere for the perfect decoration of drinking cups

At K 2010 Beck Automation is presenting IML thin-wall cups made from polystyrene with labels printed on both sides.

Printing Company Verstraete innovation

After a period of intensive research and the necessary investment, Printing Company Verstraete has succeeded in producing metallised labels.

IPL Packaging conquers bulk packaging market with IML

IPL Packaging, which has 4 production locations in Canada, is one of the leading manufacturers of IML packaging in North America. In addition to their innovative product line for smaller thin-wall IML containers, in recent years IPL has invested a great deal in developing larger IML containers.

Beck presents IML thin-wall cups at Fakuma

Beck Automation, Oberengstringen (CH), held back with a true speciality for Fakuma 2009: For the first time Beck labels a transparent polystyrene (PS) thin wall cup. 3,3 seconds cycle time per shot for 4 cups is the measuring rod set by the IML automations experts from Switzerland.

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Italian IMM maker OiMA (Sacmi Group) recently installed near Frosinone (Rome) a injection cell for stamping and labeling inside of a mold for containers used for ice cream.

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Since the middle of last summer Campi margarine tubs have been available in the refrigerated displays in Colombian supermarkets. The Campi packaging upgrade was carefully prepared and it is now very different from the previous deep-drawn rectangular container with its direct offset printing.

Static – The friend for In-Mould Labellers

Pioneered in Wales in the 1970s, in-mould labelling (IML) was originally developed for the medical and pharmaceutical industries to avoid instruction labels peeling off. IML is the process whereby a label is inserted into the mould before the injection moulding takes place; the label then becomes an integral part of the final product.