FCS at Chinaplas 2023

FCS at Chinaplas 2023

It’s a new start after the pandemic. FCS will be participating the 35th International Exhibition on Plastics & Rubber (Chinaplas 2023) which is held in Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center from April 17 to 20 of 2023. FCS is bringing its new molding machines to Shenzhen showground with the key to smart manufacturing.

The new model SA-h/p Series will be shown for food packaging and medical care, and its “High-Speed”, “High-Precision”, ”High-Cost performance ratio” make it the best answer for injection molding industry. FCS is also displaying Two-Component injection technology for Energy-Saving, High speed, and Silicone molding, bringing the muti-component industries more applications and choices. Furthermore, FCS All-electric injection molding series CT-e and CT-R (Two-component injection molding) will not absent from this Chinaplas.

FCS all display machines are equipped “iMF 4.0 Intelligent ManuFactory System” which can be mounted on the injection molding machines and use intelligent sensing modules to improve product yield and reduce production waste.

FCS iMF4.0 Intelligent ManuFactory System

PET blood collection tubes molding system:SA-h PET series

The High-Speed & Thin-Wall Injection Molding Machine, SA-h/p Series (Injection speed 415mm/sec) are developed for food packaging and medical care, and the SA-290h displaying in this Chinaplas is the special model for Blood Collection Tubes.

SA-h/p series characteristic

  • The pipelines adopt no welding processing, decreasing the risk of oil leaking.
  • Improving the cleanness of oil circuits and increase machine life.
  • Standard infrared heater, fast heating, good heat preservation, energy saving over 30%.
  • Adopt PID temperature control, temperature control within ±1℃.
  • Adopt large L/D radio, high mixing screw and good plasticization efficiency.
  • The injection unit support adopts high-precision double linear guides, the lower friction resistance, the higher precision.
  • The medium-inertia single-cylinder injection mechanism, fast response and high repeatability.
  • Equipped with high performance servo power system, energy saving about 30%-70%.
  • Unique modular design, easy maintainanece.
  • Optional equipped with double loops system, improving production efficiency.

The SA-290h will cooperate with YUS’ mold and Tongsheng’s automation, to produce 32 cavities Blood Collection Tubes on site with the cycle time of 7 seconds.

Blood collection tubes by SA-290h

Energy-Saving Two-Component injection Molding System: FB-R Series

The FB-R series rotary table two-component injection molding machine, crafted by FCS, has garnered widespread admiration from customers worldwide and is among the company's most sought-after models. Notably, it should be featured in Shenzhen. This exceptional apparatus can be equipped with a cutting-edge servo motor that deftly regulates turntable rotation, resulting in a remarkable 50% decrease in rotation time. What's more, the dual-servo power system is astoundingly efficient and eco-friendly, adhering to the national first-level energy-saving standards of ≦0.40kW h/kg. The patented turntable positioning fixture ensures faultless placement, thereby extending the mold's longevity. The injection component can be paired with a multitude of models, catering to the gamut of small to large-scale injection molding needs for diverse products.

At this exhibition, the FB-230R model will showcase the dual-material injection technology of silicone and PC. The on-site demonstration will feature a pen holder with a business card holder made from this material combination, eliminating the need for a separate injection molding process for two colors. This process improves production efficiency, reduces labor costs and eliminates the need for mold removal during injection molding. Additionally, this method prevents secondary shrinkage which is typical in traditional color matching processes, resulting in more stable product dimensions and a more attractive appearance.