Packagings are necessary in today's world: they protect the product, give informations about the product and attract attention of concumers. There are various packaging materials: plastics, paper, glass, metal or wood. Nowadays packagings became smart: they can indicate, whether packed food is fresh or protect against counterfeiting.


Sabic introduces new Lexan

Sabic introduces new Lexan anti-fog film for clear safety visors

SABIC, a global leader in the chemical industry, today announced the successful commercialization of Lexan HP92AF Anti-Fog film, targeted especially at demanding COVID-19 protection equipment such as safety face shields and goggles in front-line work environments.

Sustainable enjoyment: With

Sustainable enjoyment: With coffee lids made of LSR

At present it is especially important: Everyone wants hygienic safety when eating and drinking out. For coffee on the move, there's a simple solution: Take your own lid for throwaway and multi-use cups, preferably made of silicone.

Ampacet offers halogen-free

Ampacet offers halogen-free flame retardant masterbatches

Ampacet now offers halogen-free flame retardant masterbatches, Halofree 709 and Halofree 229, featuring outstanding flame retardancy in polyethylene film at low addition rates and compliance with health and environmental safety protection regulations.

HolyGrail2.0: moving to the

HolyGrail2.0: moving to the next stage with Arburg

With its arburgGREENworld programme, Arburg is demonstrating its commitment to the circular economy and resource conservation. Work on innovative technologies for a closed-loop economy is forging ahead in collaboration with prestigious partners.

Paccor has now joined the

Paccor has now joined the Circopack project

Paccor has now joined the Circopack project which was initiated by Pack4Food – a consortium of companies active in the food and packaging industry and their suppliers – in collaboration with Flanders’ FOOD, SensNet and different research institutions.

Sanner increaes overall production

Sanner increaes overall production by more than ten percent

So far, Sanner has successfully made it through the Corona crisis. In fact, the demand for solutions from the international manufacturer of pharmaceutical primary packaging and medical technology products has even increased by more than ten percent.

Alpla Group: new CEO from

Alpla Group: new CEO from 2021

The Management Board of the Alpla Group is being restructured – Philipp Lehner will succeed Günther Lehner as CEO on 1 January 2021. Günther Lehner will assume the position of Chairman.

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Masterchem Logoplaste Sp. z o.o.

Masterchem Logoplaste Sp. z o.o.

Masterchem Packaging Factory is a leading manufacturer of PET packaging ( cosmetics, pharmacy, household chemicals, jars, food, alcohol, caps to all produced packaging, PET preform)

Grupa Azoty S.A.

Grupa Azoty S.A.

Grupa Azoty S.A. is one of the largest companies of the chemical sector in Poland, belonging to the Great Chemical Synthesis group


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