Safety - news on Plastech

New Hasco safety couplings

With its new safety couplings Z80700HT/... to Z80801HT/... Hasco has set a milestone in safety standards for mould temperature control. An automatic safety lock protects against unintended unlocking.

Engel presents EN ISO 14120-compliant

With its newly developed EN ISO 14120-compliant safety guarding, Engel offers a significant safety boost. In addition to this, the modular solution enables particularly easy configuration and installation.

World's first particle foam

After two years of intensive research, BASF is now able to present prototypes of the world's first particle foam based on polyethersulfone (PESU).

Innovative foam for thin and

A new series of systems in the Elastoflex E product group now allows significant weight reductions and foam densities of around 120g/L without sacrificing any of the unique characteristics of these foams. Up to 30% of the foam weight is saved, depending on the component geometry.

Innopas SX from KHS gives

A high degree of microbiological safety: with the Innopas SX KHS GmbH provides a tunnel pasteurizer which with its modular design meets the growing demands of the beverage industry with its increasingly complex range of products and shorter market shelf lives.

Unipetrol reopens its distribution

Unipetrol restores the operation of its distribution terminal located in front of its refinery in Kralupy nad Vltavou. An explosion without subsequent fire took place on Thursday, March 22 on one of empty storage tanks.

Bosch Packaging Technology

Bosch presents connected solutions for higher process and product safety at interpack 2017.

EQUATE sponsors Firemen's

EQUATE Petrochemical Company extended its sponsorship for to the 15th Firemen's Day Festival organized by the Kuwait Fire Service Directorate.

New packaging from Walki protects

Walki has developed Mineral Oil Safe Technology (MOST), an efficient extrusion coating that keeps mineral oil away from our food.

New applications of Neopolen

Neopolen P reFLAM meets fire safety requirements of the aviation industry for applications in aircraft.

Safe flame retardant for PU

EPA identified non-halogenated Exolit OP 560 as safer alternative to pentaBDE for PUR foams.

Safe antimicrobial plastics

The world's first biocompatible and non-toxic technology for antibacterial plastic into mass production.

Chemical transportation safety

BASF and other companies in the chemical industry are the participants of the project "Promoting Chemical Safety Management in the African Region".