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Farmmash - stable high quality…

n this article, we want to introduce Polish customers of primary packaging about the Ukrainian company Farmmash, its values, product range and offer for the Polish market.
Working since 1999, the company has been consistently producing a wide range of modern packaging, which is sold in 16 countries around the world, what confirms the high level of the product quality. Now we are expanding our product range to meet the growing requirements of our customers.


What we can offer for our customers:

  • Flexibility in modifying designs to meet your technical requirements
    Farmmash perfectly understands how wide the range of packaging designs and possibilities are, so it always shows a flexible approach to customer needs and modifies existing designs to meet the specifications and technical requirements of our customers. Flexibility is the key to our success.

  • Confirmed product quality and safety
    Since our packaging is exported to the markets of Europe and all over the world, it has all the necessary quality certificates confirming the safety of the drugs in contact with the packaging and maintaining its stability for the entire storage period declared by the manufacturer. We are also ready to expand the Certification base at the request of customers. The company has implemented and certified a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2015.

  • Risk reduction
    With the order of Farmmash packaging, you become independent from the risks associated with the logistics of products from far-off countries. We are also ready to consider the possibility of making an order without an advance payment, in case of a standard product, or with a minimum advance payment, when the packaging is customized.

  • What we are proud of
    For more than 20 years of unique experience in the development of packaging solutions, we have formed a team of professionals, a technical base (tools production), created a stable foundation for the solving of the complex tasks and satisfying non-standard requests of our customers.
    We actively develop the geography of sales, export sales channels, participate in industry exhibitions and fairs of the global industry format, such as CPHI Worldwide, VitaFoods, Pharmtech&Ingredients etc. This year we plan to participate in the WarsawPack exhibition.
    A balanced financial policy, thanks to which we invest every year in the development of the company's infrastructure, technologies, the expansion of the park of injection machines, the purchase of new tools (injection moulds), as well as in assembly and inspection equipment.
    In 2020, we began to actively increase the production areas, invest in the construction of a new production and warehouse site with a total area of 2,000 m2. Thanks to this investment, we were able to increase the growth of the company, accept new requests from the market, create new products and now we can offer you a quality Ukrainian product, modern packaging and dosing solutions.


The main groups of our products:

  • Tamper evident screw closures of 18-28 mm;
  • Tamper evident child resistant closures (CRC) 18 and 28 mm;
  • Stoppers-droppers of horizontal and vertical dosing;
  • Screw pipettes;
  • Dropper bottles for ophthalmic and nasal use;
  • Spray bottles for nasal use;
  • Vials-containers for pills, capsules, powder;
  • Measuring accessories, cups and spoons;
  • Dosing pumps;

All pharma packaging assortment

Dosing sprayer pumps:


We would like to pay special attention to our new product line, which we brought to the market in 2021 - dosing pumps for nasal, throat and epidermal sprays.
During the development of dosing systems, our technicians have done a lot of research. Special emphasis was placed on the study of aerosol dispersion, particle and properties of the spray torch. Research was conducted on Malvern Spraytec equipment, which guarantees the modernity and accuracy of research methods.
The results of testing our dosing pumps confirmed the correctness of the approach to creating dosing devices. Functional properties received the mark "Excellent".
During development, we were guided by the recommendations and requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia and the FDA. Validation and control methods were developed, which allows us to guarantee the quality of manufactured dispensers.
Our QA Department is equipped with all the necessary equipment: automatic measuring system, dynamometers, torque meters, leak and spray test stands, climatic equipment, specialized equipment. Thanks to this, we ensure high quality packaging.

We would like to highlight:

  • The product is produced in accordance with world practice in Clean room conditions;
  • The materials used in the product meet the requirements of the EU Pharmacopoeia;
  • All component assembly processes are fully automated;
  • Each stage of assembly is subject to control - both on the line and random;
  • The pump is fully inspected and tested for operability, tightness, and dose retention;
Also, an important advantage is the possibility of supplying a set of HDPE bottle + sprayer pump. The assortment of "Farmmash" LLC includes the most common volumes of bottles of 10, 15 and 30 ml. In the future, with the development of our assortment of pumps, we plan to expand the line of bottles - 50 ml and more.

With faith in Victory and the European future!

Sincerely, Your reliable partner "Farmmash" LLC.



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