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Seven winners announced at

The winners of the Plastics Recycling Awards Europe 2019 were announced today at the Plastics Recycling Show Europe, held at the RAI Amsterdam in The Netherlands.

EP seals ban on throwaway

Single-use plastic cutlery, cotton buds, straws and stirrers to be banned by 2021.

Moulding Expo 2019 - meeting

Around 700 exhibitors at Moulding Expo 2019 in Stuttgart and the international participation is higher than ever.

Petcore Europe discusses in

Petcore Europe and the Parliament Magazine therefore organized a breakfast discussion in the European Parliament to present the PET industry's best practices.

Best Polymer Producers Awards

The Polymers for Europe Alliance has launched the 2019 voting for the Best Polymer Producers for Europe Awards. Now for the first time including technical polymers such as PA 6.6 and POM.

Plastics Recycling Awards

Winners will be announced at PRS Europe in Amsterdam on 11 April.

EU deal to ban single-use

The European Union moved closer to banning single-use plastics after the EU Council, the European Parliament and the European Commission signed off on a provisional agreement that forms part of the 28-nation bloc’s strategy to reduce marine litter.

Single-Use Plastics: Let’s

Two days ago, the three European institutions announced the provisional agreement on the new measures proposed earlier in May by the Commission to tackle marine litter at its source.

Design For Recycling Guidelines

To extend the success story of PET bottles and their high recycling rate in Europe, Petcore Europe and PRE publish today the Design for Recycling Guidelines for PET trays "clear transparent to be recycled even in food applications".

House of Lords calls for clarification

House of Lords report is urging the UK government to clarify how it intends to regulate chemicals after Brexit as the country can potentially losing access to 16,000 substances.

Fanuc flexes its muscles in

Fanuc Europe’s top manager emphasizes great service and big investments.

Soft drinks industry wants

Unesda Soft Drinks Europe has announced a set of EU-wide ambitions to make the sector’s plastic packaging more sustainable. The ambitions aim to contribute towards building a circular model for plastic packaging.

EU will look into the proposed

The European Commission has opened an in-depth investigation to assess the proposed acquisition of Solvay's global nylon business by BASF, under the EU Merger Regulation.

Renato Zelcher - New President

On the 25th May in Milan, during EuPC’s General Assembly, Renato Zelcher, CEO of Crocco S.p.A., has been elected as the new EuPC President for the period 2018-2020.

New EU rules to reduce marine

Marine Litter continues to dominate the media, now the European Commission is responding to the discussion. To tackle the plastic waste in the oceans and seas, the Commision proposes new regulations for the reduction of plastic waste.