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New Hasco multi-zone control unit sets standards

Hasco is extending its hot runner product portfolio with an innovative generation of control units in the H1280/… series. This controller is noted for its high functionality and comprehensive diagnostics and sets new standards.

Tailor-made hot runner solutions for planar components

At Fakuma 2018 HRSflow demonstrated the synergies generated from the combination of its universal hot runner systems and its expertise in the CAE simulation of injection molding processes.

Compact technology for low-height hot runner stack molds

Specifically for the construction of stack molds, HRSflow showcased a new addition to its product range at Fakuma 2018, namely a special low-height actuator for hot runner valve gate systems.

Hasco innovations at Fakuma 2018

Hasco - supplier of modular standard mould units and accessories - will present numerous interesting innovations for mould and tool manufacture at the upcoming Fakuma trade show in Friedrichshafen.

New family mold for car interiors from HRSflow

At Fakuma 2018, HRSflow will showcase a new family mold available for customer trials for one-shot production of three very differently sized elements of a car door module. The precise and responsive FLEXflow technology allows for low-warpage, defect-free parts with finely grained surfaces.

Hot runner solutions for demanding technical parts from HRSflow at Fakuma

At Fakuma 2018, HRSflow will be demonstrating the universal application of its FLEXflow technology of servo-electric driven valve gate solutions based on examples of complex, high-quality parts.

I-mold at Fakuma 2018 will present a range of products

The focus of i-mold's presentation at Fakuma 2018 will be on a varied range of space-saving tunnel gate inserts, fast high-precision servo motor drives for turntables and indexing plates as used in multicomponent injection molding, and particularly rugged hot runner nozzles.

Tailored hot runner solutions for demanding technical parts - Industry 4.0 in the spotlight

At Fakuma 2018, HRSflow will be demonstrating the universal application of its FLEXflow technology of servo-electric driven valve gate solutions based on examples of complex, high-quality parts. Produced with the help of advanced hot runner solutions, they will range from technical parts for the automotive industry to an extremely thin-walled laptop housing and an ultra-light tool box.

Servo-electric hot runner systems support of ultra-light armrests

In the production of an ultra-light center armrest for the automotive interior, the thermoforming of the carrier is followed by encapsulation with PP and finally overmolding with a flexible TPV with good grip properties.

At NPE 2018 Milacron to focus on service, technology and solutions

Milacron to show industry-leading technologies, and widest breadth of plastics solutions in the industry at NPE 2018.

 Milacron Holdings Corp. reports 2017 results

Milacron closes 2017 with double digit sales growth and strong cash flow from operations

HRSflow hot runner system for vehicle windows

For the two-component injection molding of the rear-quarter windows of polycarbonate (PC) for the Buick GL8 and GL8 Avenir MPVs (multi-purpose vehicles), Chinese Tier 1 supplier Shentong uses two hot runner systems from HRSflow.

SIGMA Engineering presents SIGMA Award for the first time

During the third SIGMASOFT International User Meeting, SIGMA Engineering presented the SIGMA Award for the first time. The first winners are GÜNTHER Heisskanaltechnik and Speedturtle.

Hot runner solutions from HRSflow for food and cosmetic applications

At Fakuma 2017, HRSflow has showcased hot runner solutions for food and cosmetic applications.

Hot runner solutions for complex challenges

HRSflow's presence at Fakuma will focus on servo driven FLEXflow One hot runner technology which does not require an additional control unit during the injection process.




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