"Enjoy Innovation": Wittmann Battenfeld at K 2019

Recycling economy with a product from the packaging industry

“Circular economy” is not only a modern buzzword, but also a strategic focus of Wittmann Battenfeld. At the K 2019, Wittmann Battenfeld will present one of its current projects jointly with a partner company.

Here, cosmetic jars with lids will be manufactured from a material completely based on natural ingredients on an EcoPower 240/1100H/130L Combimould using a 4+4-cavity mold. This material can be recycled without any loss of its functional properties. The jar is injected by the machine’s main aggregate, the lid by the L aggregate. The machine is equipped with a fully integrated W842 pro robot from Wittmann, which takes a round paper label from a magazine and inserts it on the clamping side for the bottom of the jar. Next, the W842 pro removes the parts from the nozzle side and passes the jars on to a W818 robot, which inserts them into a screwing station. The W842 pro then transfers the lids for the jars to the screwing station, where they are screwed onto the jars and deposited.


In addition to the Airmould, Cellmould and condition monitoring system info stands, there will also be an info corner presenting the TEMI+ MES package at the Wittmann Battenfeld booth. TEMI+ is able to work with injection molding machines as well as robots and auxiliary appliances around the machines. This makes it possible to obtain complete, comprehensive data acquisition and analysis of the quality parameters from all appliances involved in the production of a part.

Info point for plasticizing systems

The plasticizing system of an injection molding machine is the central unit determining the quality of a plastic component. Wittmann Battenfeld supports its customers with tailor-made solutions in terms of geometries, materials and surface finish. At the K 2019, visitors will have an opportunity to gather information about the latest developments at a separate info point.

Central material supply

The machines at the Wittmann Battenfeld booth are supplied mainly via a central material handling system from Wittmann. In addition to a drying system for PET, mobile Aton dryers and Gravimax gravimetric blenders will be used. Feedmax central material loaders and stand-alone material loaders complete the picture.

Cosmetic jars made of a compound 100% based on natural materials

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