Polish market begins to change

Polish market begins to change

The situation has begun changing in the Polish polyolefin market. PE and PP producers are reducing their capacity utilisation or storing their products while refusing to sell large quantities of the commodity to traders and converters. "Manufacturers don't want to sell goods at a minimal margin, so there is less and less goods (available for booking)" - a Polish trader has commented.

According to market players, there is a shortage of European off-grade materials, both polypropylene and polyethylene, in Poland. It is already known that manufacturers plan to lift prices for this type of the materials by €30 - 50/t. Interestingly, some traders contracting, informing a €0 - 20/t decrease compared with early July. The segments for food and industrial packaging remain one of the most active. Demand from the agricultural sector has reportedly dropped.

The top of the HDPE price range has dipped since last week. Prices for blow-moulding HDPE have slid €20/t. The upper end of the LDPE film price range has edged lower too. Imported LDPE film is valued at around €900 - 940/t. Polish importers also expect a price increase of up to €100/t for September delivery.

Market players hope the market to get better in September. However, demand may strengthen as early as August. "Due to the predicted increase in polyolefins prices, converters may decide to buy larger batches of the pellets at today’s levels" - added a Polish trader. Prices will most likely remain unmoved next month or will start rising gradually under the influence of several factors. Higher prices and a stronger market in China, reduced utilisation of polymer facilities in Europe, resulting shortage of the goods on the market, and prospective minor improvements in the construction industry are among them.


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