Virgin plastics supply adequate in Poland

Virgin plastics supply adequate…

HDPE and PP are reportedly the most popular goods on the market. LDPE that was sought after last month is little in demand now. "A lot of imports arrived and demand turned low," a trader commented. The situation with C4-LLDPE is similar. Interestingly, the producer that has offered this grade at €1,230/t DDP in Poland early this month reduced the price last week.

The market value of film LDPE is €50/t higher than at the end of September. HDPE has gained €30-50 EUR/t on average. The above developments have caused converters to reject €70-100/t increases in producers’ prices.

The situation with PP looks slightly different. Some market players are claiming that the polymer demand is above average. In this view, prices for the material have climbed €60-90/t. So, PP raffia has appreciated by €60/t since late September. Quotes for injection grades have risen by an average of €65/t. PP copolymers and PP random copolymers have got €90/t more expensive.

Market players have reported a shortage of off-grade film and blow-moulding HDPE. Off-grade materials cost about €80-150/t less than virgin ones.

Chem-Courier forecasts polyolefins to hold their value until the end of the month. However, dwindling demand may force traders to start offering discounts or special offers closer to the end of October. Also, players have concerns about the spread of the conflict in Israel. "If the problem gets bigger, logistical problems will begin and crude oil prices will rise. The polyolefin market will be in turmoil again," a trader pointed out.

In November, a seasonal slowdown in the market may keep polyolefin prices steady. Only higher crude oil prices or producers’ reduced stocks, which will create yet another shortage, can give suppliers an opportunity to raise prices for monomers and, accordingly, polyolefins next month. However, PP and PE producers' warehouses are reportedly full.


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