Oben Group announced the acquisition of Poligal Group

Oben Group announced the acquisition…

Oben Group announced the acquisition of Poligal Group, effective February 25, 2021. This acquisition includes the BOPP and CPP production plants in Portugal and Poland, commercial offices in Germany and an extensive sales and distribution network throughout Europe. 

This marks a milestone in Oben's growth as it represents the beginning of the company's expansion outside of the Americas. Poligal brings to Oben Group a great professional team, state of the art machinery and a broad sales platform; further reinforcing Oben’s global presence. Now having a production base in Europe, Oben Group will improve the value proposition to its customers by offering a complete portfolio of films for the packaging industry such as BOPP, CAST, BOPET, BOPA, BOPE and Coating, with the quality and service that distinguish the company. 

Oben is the leader manufacturer of plastic films in the Americas with 11 production plants in 6 countries: Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Salvador with a total capacity of over 550,000 MT and with the broadest portfolio for customer needs.