Mold-Masters at K 2022

Dura+ hot runner system for automotive lenses

The ideal hot runner system for consistent, high quality production of automotive lens components that demand exceptional clarity. Engineered to perform with today’s challenging resins it is compatible with corrosive resins such as PC, PC-ABS & PMMA.

Dura+ Nozzles provide an enhanced thermal profile to maintain molded part quality (preventing resin burns) and strength.

The system is also constructed using special materials which offers enhanced corrosion resistance to extend service life and help prevent contamination defects from appearing in the molded part.

Dura+ hot runners incorporate a selection of field Replaceable Components to help minimize downtime (includes nozzle heater sleeves, manifold flexible tubular heaters and manifold heater plates).

Dura+ is available with Mold-Masters industry-leading 10-year warranty.

Summit-Series hot runner system for your most challenging applications

The industry’s latest advancement in hot runner technology delivering peak performance and ultimate precision. Ideal for molding with today's challenging abrasive, corrosive, shear and temperature sensitive resins like PC, POM & PBT. Summit is critical for demanding Medical, Personal Care and Technical molding applications.

Summit-Series Nozzles feature our most precise thermal profile (generally only 5% max temp. variation) which make them ideal for molding shear and temperature sensitive resins. The system is also constructed using special materials and coatings which improves durability and extends service life when processing corrosive or abrasive resins. This also helps prevent contamination defects in molded parts from premature wear of internal components. Summit-Series also features Mold-Masters iFlow Manifold Technology which incorporates Patented melt flow geometry, flow path options and runner shapes. This allows for extensive flexibility for design optimization and is why hot runners with iFLOW benefit from best in-class melt management, industry-leading mold fill balance and rapid color change performance. Summit-Series is available with Mold-Masters industry-leading 10-year warranty.

LSR cold deck

Now get valve gated cold decks for precision LSR molding from Mold-Masters through our exclusive strategic partnership with KIPE MOLDS. KIPE brings over 40 years of highly successful LSR knowledge and experience to our customers. Your best solution for optimized processing of LSR in single shot or over molding applications across any industry. Mold-Masters LSR Cold Decks feature specialized LSR nozzles that provide wide shot ranges which include optimized gate designs providing faster cycle times and exceptional part quality. Integrated water jackets accurately maintains process temperatures to help ensure the highest molded part quality. Valve gated designs enhance process control and allow for a wide range of material viscosity compatibility.

In addition to our LSR Cold Deck, Mold-Masters has the ability to provide turn key solutions including our E-Multi LSR Auxiliary Injection unit which easily converts any machine to allow for a second shot of LSR for over molding capabilities.

TempMaster M3 temperature controller featuring TC-Connect technology

Mold-Masters is proud to be introducing our NEW TempMaster M3 controller platform which incorporates many new exciting innovations including revolutionary TC-Connect Technology that eliminates the need for traditional T/C control cables altogether. Eliminating these traditional cables, which make up 50% of all mold cables, saves significant cost, weight and clutter from the molding cell. TC-Connect Technology utilizes a new eBOX design that attaches to the mold. A single, thin and lightweight data communication cable (similar in to Ethernet) connects from the back of the M3 controller to the eBOX. It’s as simple as that. Wiring the Hot Runner system remains unchanged. This technology is compatible with new and any older (retrofit) Hot Runner Systems.