BASF showcases variety of new products at Fakuma

Ultramid Flex for soft packaging

Ultramid Flex F38 is the new bio-based copolyamide from BASF. Due to its outstanding properties even at low temperatures and low humidity it is ideally suited for soft packaging, as well as a wide array of technical films. Beyond its technical performance, Ultramid Flex F38 provides a distinct contribution to sustainability, as parts of the raw materials are sourced from locally grown rapeseed oil. For the packaging industry, the new Ultramid Flex F unlocks entirely new opportunities for launching bio-based products onto the market.

Ultrason portfolio with its unique performance

The versatility and outstanding performance of Ultrason, BASF's polyarylsulfone, opens up broad applications possibilities for companies in industries as diverse as household, automotive and construction. BASF provides an overview of the different Ultrason grades for household applications such as deep fryers, in which food safety, temperature resistance and design are successfully combined. For the construction industry, materials that are permitted to come into contact with drinking water and can even be used to manufacture components that are built into walls are becoming increasingly important. Here, BASF exhibits several fittings to illustrate how the polyphenylsulfone Ultrason P combines durability with high stress cracking and heat resistance. Ultrason is also used for temperature-resistant components in the automotive industry. Thanks to its excellent heat resistance up to 220°C, for example, it was possible to design the new headlight reflectors in the Hyundai ix35 to be particularly compact. For dimensionally stable applications that call for high stiffness and good flowability, BASF presents the polyethersulfone Ultrason Dimension E 0510 G9.

For even greater metal replacement: expansion of the PPA portfolio by PA 6T/6I

For the first time since Ultramid Advanced N, BASF is presenting another polyphthalamide (PPA) at the Fakuma: Ultramid Advanced T1000 - a new group of compounds based on PA 6T/6I. Within the Ultramid family, Ultramid Advanced T1000 is the product group with the highest strength and stiffness, and has constant mechanical properties at temperatures of up to 120°C. Thanks to its semi-aromatic chemical structure, it offers high resistance to moisture and to aggressive media, outperforming conventional polyamides and many other PPAs.

Would you like some innovation with your coffee? At the bar, BASF will once again be serving coffee specialties packaged in capsules made from Ultradur B 1520FC R01. Ultradur B1520 FC R01 (FC: Food Contact) offers a high steam, acid and especially aroma barrier without the need for additional coatings. Products remain fresh for much longer in packaging made from this PBT material. Due to the food contact certification, the product is also suitable for cosmetics packaging as well as food packaging.

Source: BASF

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