BASF showcases variety of new products at Fakuma

E-mobility with Elastollan

The excellent mechanical properties of Elastollan and its high resistance to fats and oils make the thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) from BASF the ideal partner in the field of e-mobility. Due to their flexibility and UV resistance, several polyether polyol-based Elastollan grades of the 1100 and 1100 FHF/FR series are particularly suitable for use in the sheaths of charging cables (ISO 6722 certification – class C and class D), whether for mobile charging from the luggage compartment or at a charging station. In addition, these non-halogen-based, flame-retardant Elastollan grades offer customers excellent processing characteristics and consistently high quality.

Optimized connectors for the automotive industry

BASF is expanding its portfolio of engineering plastics and continuing to answer the trend of miniaturization of electronic car components: the new Ultradur grade B4340ZG3, with its improved mechanical properties and increased impact strength, offers increased stiffness and resistance to external loads, while retaining the same excellent flowability. Applications such as cable harnesses require robust and unbreakable plug-in connectors to avoid the labor- and cost-intensive replacement of defective parts. Ultradur B4340ZG3 also has special electrical properties. The CTI (Comparative Tracking Index acc. to IEC 60112) is 600 volts and therefore permits minimum gaps between the conductor tracks in plug-in connectors. Ultradur B4340ZG3 is available in black and uncolored from now on in commercial quantities; samples can be ordered.

Crystal clear decision for Elastollan

The aliphatic Elastollan series L 700 and L 1200 convinces with its excellent optical properties and extraordinary mechanical toughness. When it comes to preserving delicate surfaces as part of stone chip protection in cars or erosion protection in wind turbines, the use of Elastollan films is recommended. These materials also offer a combination of crystal clear transparency, long-term UV resistance and strong mechanical properties in other demanding applications such as TPU laminate films in high-security glass for vehicles and buildings.

Multi-talented Infinergy scores well in the sports sector

In 2013, Infinergy (E-TPU) was launched in the adidas Energy Boost shoe. Today, Infinergy is also popular in other sports applications. At the BASF stand, the material will be exhibited not only in the adidas shoes but in applications such as bicycle saddles, bicycle tires, treadmills and other sports equipment.The closed-cell particle foam's properties makes it suitable for a variety of sports applications. It provides both cushioning and spring, and is therefore ideal for sports that put intense stress on joints. The high rebound effect is achieved by the special air cell structure made from welded foam beads. Infinergy is also lightweight and elastic. The expanded thermoplastic polyurethane is thus opening up entirely new areas of application both inside and outside the sports sector.

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