BASF showcases variety of new products at Fakuma

Take a seat! Seating at stand provided by lightweight Aula from Wilkhahn

Aula is the name of the latest chair model from Wilkhahn. The fully plastic frame and the armrests are made from Ultramid SI, the surface-optimized plastic from BASF. With this chair, designers and engineers have taken plastic to new esthetic and functional dimensions. BASF's simulation capabilities (Ultrasim) also played a key part in ensuring that every part of the chair frame could be produced from a high-performance plastic (Ultramid SI), therefore rendering a steel core unnecessary. This resulted in a new weight class. At only 6 kilograms, or 6.7 in the design with armrests, the Aula is a lightweight. The design, shape and surfaces invite you to take a seat - especially during the Fakuma.

Color masterbatches from BASF Color Solutions

With its masterbatch for regranulate overdyeing, BASF Color Solutions Germany GmbH is also presenting products to strengthen the concept of sustainability this year. To this end, the two variants "coloration of natural plastics" and "coloration of recycled material" are being presented as equivalent alternatives. The variants are presented embedded in artificial turf that has been dyed using the product lines Lufilen und Sicolen and manufactured by Beens Grass-Yarns B.V. Using artificial turf instead of real turf can make a valuable contribution to sustainability in arid regions, since this saves the limited resource of water. The possibility of dyeing recycled material to produce a high-quality finish reinforces the recycling of materials in a circular economy. It is even possible to dye materials containing up to 100% recyclate, since the color-intensive Sicolen masterbatches manage to overcome the usual challenges of recyclate coloration using special additives. Possible examples are beverage crates and waste bins, that can therefore bear the "Blue Angel" eco-label.

Combining broad portfolio with extensive know-how to deliver extra value

As the leading supplier of additives for the plastic processing industry, BASF offers its customers a wide variety of solutions including antioxidants and light stabilizers, as well as flame retardants and polymer modifiers that enhance the functionality and durability of plastic. Its broad competence in regulatory affairs to provide industry-leading support on important aspects such emission level enables its customers to meet the most stringent requirements. One example is Irgastab PUR 70, an anti-scorch additive for polyurethane foams, that prevents thermal-oxidative degradation of polyol and PUR flexible foam during foam manufacture and leads to extremely low emissions. These foams can be applied to different vehicle interior applications including textile trim cover and molded foam seats and help OEMs and tiers meet the continuously tighter requirements on interior vehicle emissions and odor.

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