AMUT successfully contributes to Viridor’s green ambitions

AMUT successfully contributes…

In 2020 AMUT was selected by UK-based Viridor, one of the global leading actors embodying the circular economy philosophy, for its world class polymer recycling facility.

Viridor is actively committed to increasing recycling and achieving net zero emissions to build a world where nothing goes to waste. The new UK’s largest multi-polymer plastic recycling plant in Avonmouth, reflects the company’s continuous drive to build a domestic circular plastics economy. Recycling plastic also emits less than 20% of the carbon of new plastics. This landmark facility is powered by the energy produced at Viridor’s state of the art Energy recovery facility – integrated with the plant in the same building.

AMUT involvement contributed to add value to Viridor’s “green”  ambitions playing a prominent role designing and providing an environmentally sound solution featuring two process sections.

Our ECOTECH division designed and developed a custom engineered high technological content Plastic Recovery Facility integrated into a great efficiency Washing Plant.

This turn-key plant will process 90,000 tons/year of waste composed of PET, HDPE and PP bottles to produce prime quality and purity flakes and granules to be sold on the market for food grade and commercial end use.

Piergianni Milani, AMUT Group’s President states: “We are extremely proud to contribute with our technology, to this environmentally-friendly waste management project, aimed at giving plastic a new life, and thus helping to respect the planet. As a leading innovator we keep on delivering our clients advanced solutions matching with the prevailing circular economy model. Thanks to our R&D department, actively engaged in finding new solutions, we have
developed recycling plants allowing to minimize water and energy consumption and chemicals usage. Our customized automated washing lines reduce fresh water usage to 1,1 liter for each kg of high purity flakes of PET, HDPE and PP thanks to our patented Friction Washer unit.”

This flagship project elevates AMUT ’s consolidated leading position in the recycling sector.