Upcycling - a higher level of recycling

MAS service experts support from the final acceptance and with the start of productive manufacturing through the entire lifespan of MAS equipment and beyond. Our experienced service department is the perfect point of contact for complex questions regarding equipment optimization or adjustment of your system to new production requirements.

Maintenance concepts and spare part strategies tailored to equipment are developed with customers and our key account managers. As a result, your system's lifecycle costs, performance capacity, and productivity are constantly optimized.

On a technical level, our service experts and multi-level tech support provide top-level assistance documented by the professional MAS ticket system.

Well-trained service and initiation technicians with many years of plastics technology and extrusion experience are at hand globally for our assembly and service support.

What is your decision support during the pre-project phase?

We demonstrate MAS recycling and compounding technology's performance and added value in our showroom and innovation center. The MAS laboratory center is an essential component of the goal-oriented support of the customer decision-making process in the pre- project phase. With a comprehensive array of machinery, we present and evaluate your planned facility configuration and operation under realistic production conditions using custom material as early as the distribution phase.


Our laboratory equipment can analyze the input material and the produced granulate. Our experienced plastics technicians will support customers in evaluating the results. The test run results provide the basis for choosing the correct facility configuration and the successful realization of your facility at the actual scale.

What types of polymers can be extruded with your equipment?

MAS extrusion technology facilitates the gentle processing of thermoplastic engineering plastics such as PA, PA 6.6, PMMA, and PC-ABS, up to engineering polymers such as PEEK. In addition, various filling materials and reinforcing materials can be compounded into the polymer matrix.

Post-consumer or post-industrial materials can be compounded extremely flexibly with reinforcing fibers (glass fiber, carbon fiber, or natural fiber), impact modifiers, stabilizers, or inorganic materials to improve form stability and fracture strength (using various filling materials such as chalk, talcum, or marbles).

Besides commodities plastics, MAS extrusion lines are the ideal solution for engineering plastics like PET processing, both in re-granulate and inline applications.

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