Extrusion machines are used to produce long plastic elements. Extruders use the extrusion process - melted plastic is forced through a die to form desired product. Depending on the process details, extrusion machines can be used to manufacturing of films, pipes, profiles etc.


Domo to stop and close BOPA

Domo to stop and close BOPA production at Leuna plant

DOMO Chemicals, a leading producer of high-quality engineering materials for a diverse range of markets, has announced plans to stop and close its third line of Biaxally Oriented PA films (BOPA) from DOMO in Leuna (Germany), effective from August 2020.

Macro Engineering announces

Macro Engineering announces new agent in Croatia

Macro Engineering and Technology Inc., a leading supplier of film and sheet extrusion systems, is pleased to announce the signing of a representation agreement with KLIŠE-KOP, a well-respected Company in Croatia.

Coperion delivers inovative

Coperion delivers inovative closed-loop solution

Stuttgart, April 2020–Coperion GmbH is implementing a closed-loop concept for the production of flexible multi-layer film. Recycling multi-layer film has long posed a challenge since such films can only be reclaimed in very complicated ways and not without residues.

Reifenhäuser actively supports

Reifenhäuser actively supports the Circular Plastics Alliance

Reifenhäuser becomes a member of the European Union Circular Plastics Alliance. On March 10, 2020, Ulrich Reifenhäuser signed a declaration that commits over 175 companies and associations to reuse 10 million metric tons of recycled plastics in new products by the year 2025.

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Rolbatch GmbH Magdalena Laabs – Eberswalde, Niemcy

Rolbatch GmbH Magdalena Laabs – Eberswalde, Niemcy

Recycling machinery for plastic recycling

WW Ekochem Spółka z o.o. Sp.k.

WW Ekochem Spółka z o.o. Sp.k.

Machines for plastic processing and plastic material distribution


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