Sacmi at Chinaplas 2023

Smart vision: Sacmi CHS (and beyond)

To provide customers with ever-closer support, SACMI has begun producing its CHS cap inspection vision system range at one of its Chinese plants. The goal: to further accelerate delivery times and punctuality of service.

But that’s not all. The idea is to offer the market a revolutionary approach that is already as-standard at Sacmi: inspection is no longer simply about controlling individual defects/caps, it’s a tool to gather valuable information to improve processes and predict drifts.

Key innovations include a patented Sacmi solution that inspects tamper band slitting on the new tethered caps. The tethered standard is also of growing interest in China and Sacmi offers a range of advantageous ready-to-use solutions, such as simple slitting of the tamper band in post processing.


GME30.40 neck transition, fully integrated cap-preform production with a new generation of Sacmi IPS machines

Sacmi aims to help manufacturers transition to new lightweight standards. To do so, it also works alongside key international certification bodies like CETIE. For example, the new GME30.40 ‘multi-purpose’ 26/22 neck standard is gaining popularity in China and around the world as it offers a tethered-compatible solution that delivers net plastic savings of more than 30% without affecting performance.

Through Sacmi Lab, each development is accompanied by a series of dedicated, customized, ready-to-use caps. Some of these will be showcased on the Sacmi stand to illustrate their outstanding versatility, as they can all be customized to meet production requirements.

The entire process is streamlined by Sacmi's ability to provide comprehensive technology, which spans from CCM presses to the latest-generation IPS preform presses. The IPS 300 and 400 are, in fact, the first solutions on the market to integrate, directly on the press, intensive preform inspection with the PVS 156 vision system. This reduces the risk of incorrect batches and makes settings and changeovers easier.

To sum up, the Sacmi CCM+IPS combination means customers can count on a sole provider at each stage of the process, allowing them to accelerate the adoption of new standards and develop distinctive products that meet the strict specifications of the main international brand owners.

Visit us at Chinaplas 2023, Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center, 17-20 April, stand n. 10H41.

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