Optimizing an LSR molding process before mold making

Optimizing an LSR molding…

On Silicone Expo 2023 in Amsterdam (March 21st-23rd) Sigma Engineering GmbH presents the evolution of Sigmasoft at booth 535. The new version 6.0 has a completely new user interface and now includes, among other new features, the analysis of traditional compression molding.

25 years after the company was founded, Sigmasoft is well adopted by leading Silicone processors and mold makers globally. Shortened lead times, risk assessments and sustainability are important arguments to optimize new developments by simulation and avoid mistakes before they happen. In fully automated LSR molding, seconds in cycle time can impact economics while failures (if at all) are only accepted in ppm range. Sigma supports its customers and project partners with continuously optimized Virtual Molding technology to keep up or outperform this industry standard.

In past years, the surprisingly precise conformity between simulation and reality was regularly shown in public on running machines on tradeshows like Fakuma, K, or DKT. The picture shows such parts from projects in one shot as well as multi-component molding with LSR and HCR. Without a working industry network of leading mold makers, equipment- and raw material suppliers this wouldn’t have happened. The majority of the involved partners also use Sigmasoft successfully in their own companies. With the support of the raw material suppliers, a broad silicone material database was built over the years. It makes predictions even more precise and allows swift virtual material changes

At the booth of Sigma, visitors can learn about Sigmasoft and its solutions for silicone elastomers. They get first-hand information, on how detailed many specific questions can be answered quickly with help of this software. „We are excited to be part of the first Silicone Expo in Europe“, says Thomas Klein, managing director of Sigma. „For us, it was an easy decision to be here physically. Many of our existing customers are even here as exhibitors. We look forward to meeting many known faces but also new expert contacts from the world of silicones.“

Numerous projects prove the conformity of simulation and reality