Nanjing ziquan installs second Sidel complete hot fill PET line

In 2013, when Nanjing Ziquan installed the first Sidel complete hotfill PET line - which featured the very first Sidel Matrix hot filler ever in Greater China - the functional drinks market was significantly increasing. Not surprisingly the first line was installed to increase production capacity for the co-packer, and the most recent line was intended to meet the continuing market growth in Greater China for functional drinks, forecast at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 15% from 2016-2020 . This second Sidel line, used exclusively to bottle the Mizone functional drink, was installed in anticipation of substantial market growth for the product. The Sidel Matrix hotfiller, the SF700, featured by the second line, offers the highest standards of hygiene and operational reliability during filling. As such, it meets the production demands of a variety of beverages, such as teas, isotonics and juices, with or without pulps or particles - in formats to match production needs. Its electronic filling valves guarantee precise filling volumes while minimising product waste. To avoid contamination, there is no contact between the filling valve and the bottle neck and all components coming into contact with the product are made from stainless steel 316L. These contactless filling valves, together with the design of the hotfiller, optimise product safety throughout the entire packaging process.

The Nanjing Ziquan management team concludes: “By taking a holistic view of the production line and giving us a complete customised solution, Sidel has helped us to optimise uptime and operating costs."

Sidel hot fill PET line

Source: F&H Porter Novelli

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