Argentinian plastic recycler relies on Tomra

Argentinian plastic recycler…

Tomra and Reciclar S.A. collaborate to advance a circular economy for plastics in Latin America. The Argentinian plant, with a surface area of more than 22,000 m2, features the latest generation of Tomra Recycling Sorting equipment. The combination of Autosort and Autosort Flake allows the recycler to sort and recover more than 30,000 tons/year of PET containers by color and material type and create crystal, green, or light blue PET flakes and HDPE flakes of different s and colors. Moreover, Reciclar is the first recycler in Argentina to produce food-grade PET recyclates from post-consumer PET bottles. Based on the purity levels achieved in the sorting process, the recovered materials can be further processed into high-quality PET and HDPE recyclates. The recyclates come with the required qualities for the production of new packaging and bottles with increased recycled content, therefore supporting environmentally friendly resource management and plastic packaging production in Argentina.

Plastic recycling is undoubtedly a challenge of a global scale and South America is no exception. With the aim to support advancing material circularity in Argentina, Tomra Recycling Sorting and Reciclar, S.A., two important companies in the recycling sector, are joining forces to extend the life cycle of plastics through commitment, innovation, and dedication.

Pursuing this mission, Reciclar recently installed additional Tomra equipment in order to maximize material recovery in Argentina, where the total volume of plastic recycled in 2021 amounted to 307,000 tonnes of plastics as stated by Ecoplas. This corresponds to an increase of 11% compared to 2020.

For 28 years, the plant, founded by Marcelino Casella, collects, sorts and recycles waste. Only recently, Reciclar added 2 new Autosort Flake units to its operation to produce crystal, green or light blue PET flakes and HDPE flakes of different s and colors.

Using Tomra Recycling Sorting's advanced PET bottle and PET packaging sorting equipment and technology, the Argentinean company has reached a processing capacity of 600 million plastic bottles and a production of 18,000 tons of plastic pallets per year, becoming the leading company in Argentina in PET waste processing.