Arburg Technology Days 2018

A glimpse into the future: Augmented and Virtual Reality

The "for visions" exhibition area offers a glimpse into the digital future. As well as assistance functions for machine operators and networking of the entire injection moulding production, digitalisation is also set to make advances in business processes and services. Also likely to be of interest in the future is the opportunity to work with a "digital twin" - a virtual simulation of a real machine.

Speaking of Augmented Reality (AR), the Technology Days 2018 is showing how service can be improved in the future using computer-assisted augmentation of reality with virtual additional information or objects. In the Virtual Reality (VR) area, visitors are given the opportunity to experience products at first hand, enabling them to gain an insight into complex relationships. Here, details of the clamping unit of the large Allrounder 1120 H machine and production of the folding step stool that cannot be seen in the real world are made visible in an interactive environment.

"Industrie 4.0 - powered by Arburg": Practical example of tension straps

In addition to the exhibits in the Efficiency Arena, a practical example of Industry 4.0 is presented, which involves the production of a variety of elastic tension straps. In the Customer Center, a turnkey system built around a vertical Allrounder 375 V demonstrates how customer requirements can be integrated into the running injection moulding process online. During the Technology Days 2018, visitors are able to select the variant of their choice on-screen. The production cell then produces the tension straps "on demand" in different versions and in high volumes, while maintaining economic efficiency. Thanks to an ingenious product and mould design, this is possible flexibly from shot-to-shot, without any conversion of the machine. In industrial practice, an application of this kind is ideal for cable assembly in the automotive industry, for example.

Application highlights

Arburg offers visitors to the Technology Days 2018 a complete overview of its range of machines, applications and processes for efficient plastic parts production - from high-volume items to one-off parts. Of the more than 50 exhibits, 34 Allrounders and one Freeformer can be seen "live" in the Customer Center alone. In addition, more machines will be on view in the Arburg Prototyping Center and in special exhibition areas spread throughout Arburg headquarters.

New large machines used in "live" production

About 15 applications are automated on the Technology Days - from Integralpicker to six-axis robot. The two largest machines in the new design and with the new Gestica control system demonstrate their potential for production-efficient plastic parts production in the context of two sophisticated turnkey solutions.

The hybrid Allrounder 920 H with a clamping force of 5,000 kN produces a 600-gram PBT GV housing in a cycle time of around 80 seconds. Thanks to a clever sequence and gripper concept and 40-kilogram load-bearing capacity, a Multilift V 40 robotic system plays a dual role in this application: it handles the components and stores them individually at an interim station. In the next step, the gripper removes seven housings as a complete group and sets them down in boxes. This enables integrated packaging.

The centrepiece of the turnkey system for ready-to-use folding step stools in the Arburg design is the new large hybrid Allrounder 1120 H machine with a clamping force of 6,500 kN. The eight individual PP parts of the 1,092-gram step stool are produced in an eight tonne family mould in a cycle time of around 65 seconds. A Multilift V 40 removes the individual parts and sets them down in an assembly station. A six-axis robot then works hand-in-hand with the linear robotic system to fit stoppers onto the feet and assemble the step stool ready for use.

ARBURG is one of the world's leading manufacturers of plastic processing machines.