Arburg Technology Days 2018

The proven Selogica functionalities will be progressively integrated into the new control system generation. The Allrounder 1120 H features the Gestica control system as standard. All other machines converted to the new design are either equipped with the Gestica control system or the Selogica ND control system, i.e. the “new look” Selogica, which features a control panel design that is visually similar to that of the Gestica.

Exciting applications

At the Technology Days 2018, the hybrid Allrounder 1120 H is integrated into a sophisticated production cell that impressively demonstrates Arburg's expertise in the automation and turnkey sector. The exhibit produces the Arburg-design folding step stool in a fully automated process. The eight individual parts made from PP are produced on an eight-tonne family mould in one shot per cycle. Handling is performed by a linear Multilift V 40 robotic system. With the aid of a six-axis robot and an assembly station, the finished folding step stool is assembled within the injection moulding cycle. In this way, the 1,092-gram final product is completed "ready to use", in a cycle time of 60 seconds.

The hybrid Allrounder 920 H produces a 600-gram PBT housing for high-volume production at Arburg in a cycle time of around 80 seconds. Here as well, a Multilift V with 40 kilograms load-bearing capacity is used. In conjunction with a sophisticated sequence and gripper concept, integrated packaging in boxes is achieved without elaborate peripheral equipment: the robot system removes the individual parts and stores them at an interim station. As soon as seven housings are produced, they are transferred by the gripper as a single group, packed in a cardboard box and removed via a conveyor belt.

The premiere Allrounder 820 H machine with a clamping force of 4,000 kN produces PP screw caps examplarily. In a cycle time of around 12.7 seconds, 48 moulded parts are manufactured, each weighing 2.2 grams.

Efficiency Arena with focus on digital transformation

Under the slogan "for digitalisation", everything at the Efficiency Arena 2018 relates to digital transformation, efficient production and "Industrie 4.0 - powered by Arburg". The focus is on six new assistance packages that actively support the machine operator and is available for purchase from the Technology Days 2018 onwards. Demonstrations of the new Gestica control system and the Arburg ALS host computer system are also on show. "for connection" is the theme of the Interface Café. Here, visitors can obtain information from experts on the use of OPC UA and on Arburg's current development activities in relation to the Euromap interfaces. In the "for visions" area, Arburg provides a practical demonstration of the benefits of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).

"At Arburg, digitalisation is a teamwork effort at the highest level," says Jürgen Boll, Arburg Managing Director Finance, Controlling and IT. "Together with specialists from Engineering, Sales & IT, we are driving the topic forward in a coordinated and purposeful manner." Heinz Gaub, Arburg Managing Director Technology & Engineering adds: "In our business processes, digitalisation relates, for example, to the technical machine configuration or working with a digital twin. Furthermore, we focus on the digitalisation of our products and services to enhance production efficiency even further for our customers. Practical examples of this are shown live and in colour in the Efficiency Arena."

ARBURG is one of the world's leading manufacturers of plastic processing machines.