WEPACK World Expo 2024 in Shenzhen: Unveiling Key Industry Highlights

A snapshot of concurrent events at WEPACK 2024:

  • India National Day
  • South Korea National Day
  • WEPACK Conference -Sustainable Innovation Summit
  • Asian Corrugated Case Association (ACCA) Second Management Committee Meeting
  • China Paper Packaging Industry Digital and Intelligent Manufacturing Development Conference
  • Flexographic Printing Technology Development Seminar 2024
  • China Pulp and Paper Market Supply and Demand Trend Seminar
  • Immersive Experience of the Intelligent Charm of "Cloud Platform + Digital Processing Center"
  • Forum on New Trends in Label Industry Development
  • Forum on Building ESG Ecology and Co-Creating Sustainable Development
  • China Alcoholic Drink Packaging Innovation and Development Forum
  • Household Appliances Industry and Package High-quality Development Forum
  • New Energy Vehicle Cost Reduction & Efficiency Increase Packaging Forum
  • Trillion-yuan New Track - Pet Industry Packaging Innovation and Development Forum
  • Seminar on Catering Packaging Innovation
  • Food High-quality Development and Packaging Innovation Forum
  • 2024 Packaging Foaming Technology and Application Forum
  • ASEAN Countries' Outward Investment Forum

(Please refer to the on-site arrangement for the specific agenda)

Hello China Hello World

Following the relaxation of China's visa policies for foreign nationals and the introduction of a visa-free regime for travelers from certain countries, WEPACK 2024 anticipates a significant increase in the number of visitors and buyers from around the globe, making it a momentous exhibition for the entire industry.

With the opening up of China, this is the second year that RX is inviting the world to "Hello China, Hello World", leveraging RX's global network and comprehensive expertise to elevate success, drive industry recovery, and achieve economic triumph. Reunite with international exhibitors and buyers at RX‘s captivating events in China.

WEPACK will maintain an open, collaborative, and innovative stance, assuming the pivotal role in driving the development of the packaging industry. It is committed to growing and progressing alongside the industry, collectively building a grand platform for market development, and ushering in a new era for the global packaging industry.