Sirmax Group Achieves Six New Certifications in Supply Chain, Product Sustainability and Employee Focus

Sirmax Group Achieves Six…

Sirmax Group, a Padua-based company specializing in the production of thermoplastic granules for a wide range of applications, is consistently experiencing positive outcomes from its strategic initiatives aimed at reducing environmental impact and enhancing control over suppliers and the supply chain. Additionally, it has achieved Great Place To Work certifications in both the US and India. The company demonstrates its commitment to sustainability by obtaining six new certifications. These certifications encompass various aspects of governance, corporate responsibility, and product sustainability.

In the corporate sphere, Sirmax has received the EcoVadis Sustainability Assessment, which evaluates the impact of companies on the supply chain. Based on concrete data, the aim of this assessment is to enhance environmental and social practices, leveraging the influence of global logistics chains. Sirmax has earned the prestigious EcoVadis Silver designation, a testament to its tangible efforts in addressing environmental concerns, labor practices, human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement. Ecovadis is the first collaborative platform that enables companies to monitor the sustainability performance of their suppliers across 150 sectors. The reliable ratings and monitoring tools provided by EcoVadis enable companies to manage risks and incorporate eco-innovations into their global supply chains.

Sirmax has also progressed in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) index, designed to make environmental reporting easier by providing information on climate impacts to investors, companies and governments. Widely adopted by large companies globally, the CDP index boasts the largest database on corporate greenhouse gas emissions and strategies implemented to combat climate change. The CDP's main goal is to increase transparency around environmental impacts, providing data and information to investors and financial entities. The index is based on four questionnaires linked to four programs: the Climate Change Program, Water Program, Forests Program, and Supply Chain Program. Sirmax gained two positions from the previous assessment, elevating its rating from D to C on a rating scale from A (highest) to D (lowest). This achievement not only aligns Sirmax with the global average, but also positions the company closer to the industry average of B

The ISCC PLUS certification is a voluntary standard linked to the sustainability goals included in the 2030 Agenda. Its main focus is on the fundamental concept that to guarantee a product’s requirements, its sustainability along the entire production chain must be verified. This begins with utilizing sustainable raw materials and biomass (organic origin materials often originated from waste from agricultural activities). The standard’s essential criteria are sustainability and traceability (demonstrated by mass balance, in this case) throughout the product’s own supply chain. It focuses on sustainable production management and verification of the chain of custody and traceability, as well as the monitoring of volumes produced and processing yields.

In the realm of product certification, a noteworthy accomplishment emerges across the entire range of polypropylene-based circular compounds - the issuance of the HB Yellow Paper by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), an independent certification and safety agency which specializes in certifying the flame behavior of plastic materials through specific laboratory tests. These fire resistance tests, crucial for the household appliance sector, were conducted on two distinct product families featuring varying percentages of post-consumer recycled plastic, namely Green Isofil (PP with mineral fillers added) and Green Isoglass (PP reinforced with glass fiber). Sirmax is among the first companies to obtain the HB Yellow Paper certification for recycled material suitable for the home appliances sector. While this sector was initially used as a pilot, this certification can be easily be extended to other application sectors.

Finally, Sirmax garnered additional governance-related certifications, attesting to the Group's commitment to its people. The subsidiaries in the United States (Sirmax North America) and India (Autotech-Sirmax JV) have received the international Great Place to Work certification, acknowledging the initiatives aimed at employees and the overall work environment within the plants. Sirmax maintains a positive standing on the global Trust Index with 60% positive responses, and the feedback gathered though the questionnaire provides valuable insights for improvement. Specifically, credibility got 62% positive responses, respect was at 60%, fairness at 55%, pride at 60%, and cohesion at 65%. The questions that garnered the highest average of positive responses pertain to workplace safety, availability and trust of managers, collaboration with colleagues, onboarding processes, inclusiveness, and customer satisfaction. The decisive factor in the US plants was the blend of different cultures, a unique element within the company. This cultural mix succeeds in creating an open and inclusive environment in which all people work toward a common goal.

- We are proud of these recognitions - comments Leonardo Forner, Group Marketing & Sustainability Coordinator of Sirmax. - Our journey has been complex, requiring a gradual approach involving all internal and external stakeholders. The certifications we have obtained symbolize the success of the work done so far. Our commitment remains steadfast, centered around our four main pillars: product, process, people and supply chain.