SABIC's Pre-NPE News

Displays at NPE 2018

Advanced material solutions from SABIC will feature in an array of next-generation applications at NPE 2018 as part of the booth’s key industry-focused displays. They are as follows:
  • Among the applications that will comprise SABIC’s Automotive display will be the world’s largest rear quarter window made from LEXAN™ glazing material, and body in white (BIW) reinforcement components using plastic-metal hybrid technologies developed by SABIC to reduce weight by up to 8 kg or more versus all-metal reinforcements. SABIC will also highlight an award-winning, thin-wall instrument panel (IP) produced using STAMAX resin, a long glass fiber reinforced polypropylene material, in a chemical foaming process.
  • As part of the Building & Construction exhibit, the company will showcase its extensive family of pipe materials and the new CERAFILTEC water filtration system.
  • For Packaging, SABIC will feature a variety of food and non-food containers, caps and closures, illustrating how the company is helping to address packaging industry challenges by enabling reduced weight and cost through down gauging and lowering cycle times. These products also comply with ever more stringent regulations for food safety and purity for consumer health.
  • SABIC’s Healthcare display will include an innovative new device for migraine headache treatment and several other new applications.
  • The company’s Consumer Goods & Electronics display will feature sleek new appliances and electronic components showcasing some of its newest technologies.
  • As part of SABIC’s Emerging Technologies display, booth visitors will see SABIC’s new UDMAX™ unidirectional fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite tapes, as well as the advances being made in additive manufacturing through such innovative parts as a 3D printed yacht hull, hockey helmet, drone, and robotic hand.
At NPE 2018, SABIC plans to also launch several new technologies including, among others:
  • A new portfolio of polypropylene compounds for improved haptics in automotive interiors.
  • Two new healthcare filament grades for additive manufacturing.
  • A new carbon fiber hollow core aircraft seat back application.
  • A new series of heat resistant LNP™ compounds for electronics applications.

Source: SABIC