New Sidel aseptic complete PET line and bottle design for UHT milk

During the implementation of the packaging line, Sidel also helped to design the new PET bottles. Made from a monolayer material - for easier recyclability - and with iconic cow outlines on the top part of the bottle, the new design gives a modern and original look. The 1 L bottle weighs only 26 g because there are no thermal constraints associated with the traditional bottle-rinsing process, contributing to significant PET savings. It also ensures easy opening and closing options as well as the milk quality and integrity due to the perfect tightness between bottle neck and cap with no aluminium foil.

As stated by Luigi Camorali, Account Manager for Sales Southern Europe at Sidel, the design process for the UHT packaging for Fattoria Latte Sano marked an important landmark in the entire implementation project: “Our support played a great role when selecting and qualifying the most suitable PET barrier solution for the new packaging, and also in advising our client in the most cost-effective solution for labelling: we suggested to maintain the same bottle diameter and labelling panel for all the bottles to minimise additional costs when changing labels,” continues Luigi.

The labels are applied with a Sidel’s RollQUATTRO Evo labeller, delivering all the flexibility needed to match the dairy player’s requirements in terms of product changeover, accurate label application and lightweighted container handling.

By leveraging Sidel's expertise in packaging design, Fattoria Latte Sano also sought to open wider business opportunities in the private label segment. “To help with this goal, the company's logo was included on the label rather than embossed on the bottle, so the same containers in different formats can be used to bottle LDP sold under their own as well as other brands,” concludes Luigi.

With a production capacity of 12,000 bottles per hour, the line is currently running eight hours per day, five days a week with more than 90% average efficiency for each bottle format. With its great attributes, it definitely offers Fattorie Latte Sano a huge opportunity to boost production capacity and increase their UHT milk market share.


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