Moretto's innovations at Interplastica 2019

Moretto's innovations at Interplastica…

Since its foundation in 1980, Moretto has pioneered auxiliary equipment for injection molding, extrusion and PET processing customers, innovative solutions characterized by employing the latest technologies available and customized to meet their needs. As an example, every Moretto device contains an Industry 4.0 dimension, assuring that equipment and software can be interconnected, allowing total control and constantly refreshed data to always be available for achieving the highest possible levels of efficiency in plant operations.

For Moretto, a real "efficiency 4.0" is achievable through unique systems and automation like, for example, Moisture Meter Manager, the only system able to measure In-line, with absolute precision, the exact residual moisture content of the polymer and even to automatically manage the drying process. Moisture Meter Manager is a real "intelligent" device, in fact, it automatically manages the drying system to adjust its drying parameters to match the drying requirements, assuring that material is perfectly dried using the minimum amount of energy and reaching the required quality levels.

Moisture Meter is showcased on an installation composed by the powerful Moretto’s XD dryer and the exclusive OTX drying hopper.

At Interplastica, Moretto also exhibits some innovative dosing innovations machines, like DPK, the new compact loss-in-weight dosing unit, that solves the problem of overdosing with an extremely precise control (dosing accuracy up to ±0,03%), and the gravimetric dosing unit DGM Gravix.

These machines have been designed to achieve extremely accurate dosage (0.01%) and to be integrated with the customer network, in order to enable the remote control of the system and to release production, consumption and costs statistics.

The gravimetric doser Gravix represents perfection in gravimetric batch dosing, a solution which is suitable for any application. The double eyelid system, the free weighing hopper and the Rotopulse device (patented by Moretto) make these dosers unbeatable, even with strong vibrations, thanks to the exclusive Vibration Immunity System. The range of Gravix dosers is made up of 5 series of production machines ranging from 5 to 1,800 kg/h and for simultaneous dosing of up to 12 components. The "Super Easy" interface allows very simple and intuitive use of the machine for basic applications and enables the storage of up to 200 recipes.

Moretto at Interplastica 2019

Moretto proposes a complete range of Te-Ko thermoregulators (water, oil or pressurized) that ensures absolute efficiency and precision in the automatic temperature control both in the molds of the injection presses and in the cylinders and rollers of the extruders.

Some other conveying machines are present in Moretto's booth: the Kasko receivers, the FC dust filters and the new stainless steel TM maintenance hoppers.

Moretto 4.0 project is a concept of Smart Industry where machines and software are interconnected, allowing constantly-refreshed data. To achieve this project Moretto offers Mowis, its supervising and management system, in which every automation is interconnected allowing the total control of the entire automation chain in plastics processing plants.

Source: Moretto