Moretto at K 2022: global approach, Italian roots

Connectivity that optimizes processes

Modern production plants are intelligent, flexible and data-driven. The amount of data generated that must be correctly processed to support decisions and make processes even more efficient is enormous. Having the right equipment for data management becomes essential. MOWIS is the software platform developed by Moretto to supervise and manage the entire production process. A modular and self-configurable tool, usable on-site or remotely, which through the OPC UA protocol creates total connectivity among machines, processes, departments and plants and makes the management of complex systems easy.


The service that makes the difference

Service, in Moretto business strategy, represents a real commitment to customers. A strategic phase to which the company dedicates high attention, optimizing the equipment use and performance involving specialized and constantly trained technical personnel. Moretto supports customers in every aspect related to the products management and technological content. A service guaranteed worldwide according to 4.0 principles and reachable with a click. Automatic warehouses, software and online platforms facilitate remote assistance, real-time monitoring of activities and the provision of timely interventions in case of need.
Also a digital “identity card” is available for each machine. By scanning a QR code, it makes available a detailed informative sheet. Important information for the operator that allows him to make the best use of the instrument, order any spare parts in real time, find answers to any operational doubts through the dedicated FAQ section.

Technology, sustainability and connectivity will characterize the new Moretto products that will be exposed at the K fair next October as the new dosing and feeding solutions for micro molding and small productions available also for use in the clean room. Thanks to their compactness they can be installed stand alone or on the IMM. Among the solutions dedicated to recycling, Moretto will present the new granulators of the GMK series which ensure uniform and constant granulation minimizing the dust formation. The small structure allows it to be placed next to the processing machine, thus optimizing production spaces. The implementation of more compact solutions then permit to increase production by reducing energy consumption and noise pollution. Among the novelties also the volumetric doser DVM8 which ensures the maximum perfection of microdosing.

This is a small preview of what will be exhibited at the Moretto stand, Hall 11 - Stand H56 / H66.

Moretto operates in a very complicated business, both for the high level of innovation that characterizes the sector and for the well-known critical issues related to the massive use of plastic products. In spite of this the company has been able to identify a winning strategy developing solutions with a high technological content that contribute to the progress and optimization of processes in a sustainable way and respecting the environment. This has contributed to achieving a prominent position in the sector recognized all over the world