Moretto: Plastpol 2023 is calling

Efficient drying for both small and large throughput

The transformation process of technical polymers requires special care starting from the very first steps of the production cycle. The drying phase is one of these and its correct execution is essential to generate high quality products. Drying is the Moretto core business and according to this, it has developed several cutting-edge solutions such as X Comb, the super compact mini dryer suitable for lower throughput of technical polymers. Fully electric (it does not require compressed air), it is specifically designed to efficiently treat very hygroscopic technical polymers, particularly for critical industrial sectors such as medical, optical and electronics. Another drying solution is the CRD DUO, an advanced drying system available in 4 configurations that can be customized according to customer needs. The application of the in-line moisture analyzer Moisture Meter, possible in all configurations, helps to create a system with a high technological content. It is a mobile application, an independent and compact system to be placed close to the processing machine integrating the plastic granule treatment and conveying functions.

Moretto mini dryers: small, high performance

With over 10,000 machines sold, the Moretto mini dryers continue to be one of the products more appreciated by customers all over the world thank to their high performance, compactness and polished design. They are suitable for the treatment of technical polymers in the moulding of complex components serving demanding sectors such as medical, optical, electronics and telephony. Thanks to their small , they can be installed directly on the mouth of the processing machine. The dryer switches on setting only two parameters: polymer type and hourly throughput.

Standard features of the range are the anti-stress system that prevents over-drying of the polymer and the OTX hopper, which increases and completes the dryer performance, creating a high-energy efficient solution. The several connection possibilities via USB and RS 485 serial port make these products perfectly integrable with Mowis, the Moretto supervising and management system, as well as linked to instruments for data collection. The connection to Master 300 palmtop simplifies the operator activities in multi-hopper drying system or in case of installation on the machine.


Moretto grinding solutions

The GR grinders have a modular design. Different types of cutting chambers are available for specific applications, such as the wear resistant or cooling types. The GR chamber shape is particularly efficient with voluminous material and the scissor-like action ensures clear cuts with no dust and very low noise levels.

These and other innovative solutions will be exhibited at Plastpol. Products with high technological content able to raise the quality standard, increase production efficiency and energy savings of the systems supplied paying attention to primary issues such as recycling and circular economy.

Visit Moretto at Plastpol, Hall G – Stand G-29. Our sales team will be at your disposal to satisfy any request you can have about our products or your plant needs.