Industry competence in action

With a shot weight of only 0.08 g and varying wall thicknesses, the filigree needle holders require extremely precise process control. Since fluctuations in the melt volume would immediately lead to rejects, ENGEL uses the iQ weight control software.

At the Fakuma, the highly integrated production solution is presented in its cleanroom version. In contrast to many other systems in the market, all components in contact with the product in ENGEL's pipe distributor are made of stainless steel, which helps to maintain low particle load. As a system provider, ENGEL is continually expanding its portfolio of GMP-compliant peripherals. In addition to the pipe distributors, conveyor belts and robot gripper housings from ENGEL's own development and production are offered.

Technical Moulding: Hydraulic precision for sophisticated LSR

The processing of liquid silicone (LSR) in injection moulding fully utilises the efficiency potential of the tie-bar-less ENGEL victory machines. The process consistency resulting from the design plays an important part in this. The patented force divider enables the moving mould mounting platen to follow the mould exactly while clamping force is building up, and ensures that the clamping force is evenly distributed across the platen face. Both the outer and inner cavities are therefore kept closed with exactly the same force, ensuring consistent compression of the mould and a consistently high product quality. This almost burr-free, zero-waste, rework-free, and fully automatic processing is the key element in the economic manufacturing of high-tech products from liquid silicone. At the Fakuma, with the production of venting valves for beverage bottles on an ENGEL victory 860/160 injection moulding machine, ENGEL will demonstrate how this can look in practice. With a diameter of approx. 50 mm, the venting valves have a geometrically complex structure with varying wall thicknesses. The iQ weight control software, which ENGEL is now offering also for injection moulding machines with hydraulic injection units, ensures that cavities are filled reliably even when there are fluctuations in the raw material.

Venting valves for beverage bottles

On an ENGEL victory 860/160, ENGEL will produce venting valves for beverage bottles during the Fakuma. With a diameter of approx. 50 mm, the venting valves have a geometrically complex structure with varying wall thicknesses

It will be the first time that ENGEL presents a victory machine with a next generation injection unit at a trade fair. Last autumn, based on its long years of experience in the various application areas of its injection moulding machines, ENGEL reorganised the sizes of the hydraulic injection units and further optimised the performance specifications such as injection pressure, injection speed, and plasticising capacity.

ENGEL is presenting the processing of LSR together with its partner Elmet Elastomere Produktions- und Dienstleistungs GmbH (Oftering, Austria). In this application, Elmet is providing the model OP 5000P LSR dosage system, a 16-cavity mould with a cold runner and demoulding unit. Parts are handled by a viper 40 robot from ENGEL's linear robot programme. The conveyor belt is integrated into the safety gate of the injection moulding machine, keeping the entire system at a compact size.

Focused 100 percent on the requirements of the industry

From the individual injection moulding machine to the highly integrated production cell, ENGEL delivers tailored solutions for the injection moulding industry. Developing customer-specific solutions takes more than technological know-how. This is why at ENGEL, business units are completely focused on a single industry. ENGEL employees are therefore on the same level with customers when discussing projects, able to understand and implement individual requests in detail. Many industry specific developments, such as the GMP-capable periphery devices being presented at Fakuma, are based on the bundled experience of the ENGEL business units.

Source: ENGEL
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