Imported goods have minimal impact on polyolefins prices in Poland

Imported goods have minimal…

The polyolefin market in Poland has slowed down in H2 of the month, according to Chem-Courier data. Traders note that converters are only purchasing materials on demand, which is currently minimal. The market continues to experience shortages of certain goods, including PP homo, copolymer and LDPE due to planned and unplanned shutdowns of LDPE and PP plants, as well as deliberate order books closures by other producers in the early days of February and March.

Imported goods are becoming more accessible with each passing day, according to market players. However, due to increased delivery time and the rising cost of imported goods, it can no longer compete with European products. Converters will increasingly opt for European-made goods.

Average market prices have remained unchanged from the previous week. However, it is known that manufacturers and traders sometimes offer special deals. For example, a European manufacturer has reduced the injection-moulding HDPE price to €1,220/t. More information about polyolefins prices in Poland will be discussed at Chem-Courier's Zoom webinar on 26 March.

The monomers prices will increase next month with ethylene quote to rise by €30-40/t, propylene one by €40-50/t, according to Chem-Courier's sources. Polyolefin prices are likely to increase as well. Even if there is more import in the market next month, its price will be similar to European materials.


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