High-performance fillers improve the properties of packaging films

High-performance fillers improve…

Films are used in different areas of application and must meet the corresponding requirements. Packaging that can do more is increasingly in demand. Films that not only provide stable and long-lasting packaging, but also keep products fresh for longer and are easy to open and reseal. The Quarzwerke division HPF The Mineral Engineers offers various fillers in different particle size distributions, so that different additives of the same mineralogy can be selected depending on the film thickness. This ensures easy "release" of the films from each other or from other materials.

When films are used to package fruit, vegetables, fish, sausage or cheese, anti-blocking agents are used as a kind of "spacer" to separate the film sides more easily. The effectiveness of the anti-blocking additive depends mainly on the properties of the mineral used and the correct grain size. In addition to the mechanical properties, there are often optical requirements such as transparency, gloss or opacity. Consumers want to see the contents of their purchase and therefore particularly like to choose transparent plastic packaging.

Extensive tests were carried out with selected mineral fillers in PE films at the company's plastics technology center. The results of the coefficient of friction showed very good anti-blocking properties through the use of mineral additives. The optical properties also showed very good results. The selected mineral fillers were characterized by very good optical properties and a refractive index that is almost identical to the polyethylene films used. The types in the Microspar product range in particular stand out positively compared to other products.

Experts in the silanisation of fillers

Many of the company's high-performance fillers are surface-modified. This surface treatment further improves the desired properties of the inorganic filler. In addition, coated mineral powders are easier to incorporate into a polymer. Optimum bonding is achieved with a coating agent specially adapted to the polymer system. As a result, the high-performance fillers improve the respective polymer system and give it amazing functional and/or optical properties.