Global ethylene and propylene prices have dropped significantly

Global ethylene and propylene…

According to the forecasts of Chem-Courier, the contract price of ethylene has decreased by €30/t compared to last month.

"European producers have announced a similar price reduction for PE in June, around minus €30/t. Concurrently, we hear that imports in June may become more expensive due to rising export prices in the USA and higher freight rates from Asia," a market representative has commented. Reminder: Chem-Courier has already reported a 50% increase in freight costs in May compared to March-April.

Due to sufficient material availability and low demand, PP prices may be adjusted downwards by €10-15/t next week. This could lead to a slight increase in market activity.


  • Converters have continued to buy material strictly on demand;
  • There has been no material shortage in the market, but difficulties with availability of imported one are expected;
  • Many European producers have announced reductions in HDPE prices;
  • A US manufacturer has kept prices unchanged compared to May;
  • An Uzbekistani producer has offered three types of HDPE (injection-moulding, blow-moulding, film) to Polish traders is €30/t cheaper than last month.
  • Like last week, players have noted a shortage of LDPE MFI=0,3 and MFI=0,75;
  • Most European producers have reduced quotes for LDPE by €20-30/t,
  • Supply of high MFI LLDPE has been limited, leading players to note an increase in the price of this material
  • LLDPE with MFI=1 is reportedly scarcely available from US suppliers.
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  • PP homo demand has remained at a moderate level. "Consumers are inquiring about prices, confirming quantities, but many are postponing purchasing decisions to next week, hoping for price reductions," one market player has said;
  • Slovakian manufacturer has been unable to supply the required amounts of PP to its consumers. Some traders have received half of their requested material, while others have refused completely. The manufacturer has been preparing for planned downtime and wants to maintain stock on hand;
  • Many European producers have kept PP prices at late May levels or slightly reduced them.

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