Experience the variety of plastics first-hand

Experience the variety of… From October 17 to 21, 2017, the Fakuma trade fair in Friedrichshafen will once again be opening its doors. This year visitors can again look forward to seeing innovative plastic solutions from BASF for the construction and furniture industries as well as for the automotive and packaging sectors. In addition, there will be a reunion with the “superhero for engineers” Ultramid Advanced N, BASF’s new polyphthalamide (PPA) for challenging applications in many industries

Unique engineering plastics for the car interior, chassis and powertrain

For the automotive industry, BASF will be presenting engineering plastics for the car interior, the chassis and the powertrain. For the first time, two unique special polyamides for the car interior will be shown to the public: They open up new design perspectives for high-gloss surfaces, back-lit structural and functional elements as well as designs which are pleasant to the touch. Both plastics are cost-efficient material solutions for visually and chemically demanding applications. The materials fulfill the strict requirements of the automotive industry regarding emissions and odor in car interiors.

BASF will also be displaying structural components that were developed together with leading automotive suppliers and optimized with the help of the simulation tool Ultrasim: The engine mounts, transmission crossbeams and transmission adapters made from glass-fiber reinforced Ultramid meet the growing customer requirements for crash and NVH (NVH = noise, vibration, harshness) behavior in the powertrain. They also demonstrate the excellent correlation between Ultrasim® simulation and component behavior and thus point to potential cost savings.

The stand will furthermore feature an overview of the expanded Ultramid range for the charge-air duct in combustion engines of today and the future. The tailored range of PA6 and PA66 grades meets the increased requirements on the materials, their mechanical properties and temperature resistance. This means the part developer can choose the optimum material for the respective component in the charge-air duct that offers the best value for money. Selected grades are based on global specifications.

Hard-wearing floor made from Elastollan

At the BASF stand a floor covering made from Elastollan has also been laid. Elastollan is the thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) from BASF which is noted for its particularly good mechanical properties and very high resistance to abrasion. The floor therefore offers great flexibility and durability and is particularly suitable for areas of buildings with high footfall. The homogeneous floor covering is marketed by Tarkett under the name IQ One and is certified with Cradle to Cradle gold and the “Blue Angel” eco-label. IQ One is 100 percent recyclable and produces only low emissions of VOC (volatile organic compounds). Thanks to the versatility of the plastic, Elastollan is also suitable for many other fields of application. A selection of extrusion and injection-molding exhibits will also be on display at the BASF stand.

Variety of chairs made from Ultramid SI

Designers and developers from the furniture industry are increasingly choosing plastic as a material for their products. This is why visitors to the BASF stand can sit down on three different chair designs: on the Belleville from Vitra, the Metrik from Wilkhahn and the A-Chair from Brunner. All three are made from the polyamide Ultramid SI (SI = Surface Improved) from BASF. In addition to the stability typical of polyamides, Ultramid SI offers a persuasive choice with a particularly high-quality surface appearance. During the development of the chairs, the Ultrasim simulation tool was used to exhaust the potential of the design and material in full. The result is a superb balance between a delicate appearance and strength.

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