Arburg at the K 2022: "There is only a Plan A"

Arburg at the K 2022: "There…

Excitement is mounting in the run-up to the K 2022, the world’s leading trade fair for the plastics industry. As always, Arburg has adopted a clear message for its trade fair appearance in Duesseldorf: "There is only a Plan A". "Plan A" conveys that the machine manufacturer is committed to making its contribution and presenting solutions for the important global issues of sustainability, the circular economy and carbon reduction. Accordingly, with its trade fair stand A13 in hall 13 and with the arburgGREENworld pavilion in the VDMA Circular Economy Forum, Arburg will showcase its pioneer role in resource conservation. Combined with extensive digitalisation, Arburg is perfectly positioned to provide high-end technology for greater sustainability.

"The issues of sustainability, resource conservation and livelihoods are an increasing concern for people – especially in connection with plastics," says Juliane Hehl, Managing Partner at Arburg and responsible for Marketing and Business Development. She adds, "One of the key questions is: how can we sustainably combine ecology, economy and social coexistence today and in the future?" Arburg has been focusing on this topic for a long time – not only in terms of its production, but also in terms of its own products. "As a machine manufacturer, we are responsible for consuming as few resources as possible when manufacturing our machines," explains Juliane Hehl.  But it also means that customers can use Arburg machines to implement processes that save on resources and offer solutions for the circular economy. "It’s a complex task as it involves looking at the entire value creation chain," the Managing Partner sums it up. At the end of the day, the goal is to sustainably reduce the carbon footprint in plastics processing and feed the recyclable plastics material back into the materials cycle.

Arburg has a plan: "Plan A"

"With 'Plan A', we want to show visitors of the K 2022: we have understood these contexts and, as a machine manufacturer, we are making our contribution by tackling these issues on both a strategic and an operational level," says Dr Christoph Schumacher, Director Marketing. "Our message 'There is only a Plan A' communicates clearly that there can be no 'Plan B' when it comes to resource conservation, the circular economy and carbon reduction – following the motto of the sustainability movement 'There is no Planet B’." Of course, "Plan A" also corresponds with the focal points of K 2022, namely the circular economy, digitalisation and climate protection, which have become even more important global challenges since the last trade fair in 2019. "Our trade fair appearance underlines that we have a ’Plan A’ when it comes to the perfect combination of sustainability, efficiency and cutting-edge technology", emphasises Dr Christoph Schumacher.

Around 2,300 square metres of "Arburg" in Duesseldorf

At K 2022, Arburg will illustrate how highly networked, digitalised manufacturing helps to conserve resources and increase production efficiency. It is all about the synergy between the circular economy and high-tech with the help of targeted digitalisation. The topic’s importance for Arburg can also be expressed in figures: Arburg’s presentation area has increased by a total of more than 800 to around 2,300 square metres: The Arburg stand 13A13 now covers around 1,900 square metres, plus another 400 square metres for the arburgGREENworld pavilion in the VDMA Circular Economy Forum in the inner courtyard of the exhibition grounds.

Sustainability thanks to digitalisation

How exactly can digitalisation deliver sustainability? For example, through targeted sorting and recycling of plastics. Tools include the R-Cycle initiative and marking technologies such as watermarks or QR codes that are applied to products during the manufacturing process. Or equipping the Gestica control system with various digital assistance systems to make it easier for customers to manage the problem of fluctuating material quality of recyclates. Arburg will tackle these issues both at its stand 13A13 and the arburgGREENworld pavilion.

Circular Economy Pavilion: sustainability in theory and practice

The arburgGREENworld pavilion is all about concrete sustainability measures in production and products: in other words, about what Arburg does within its own company to conserve resources and what its products do for customers. "Greenline" plugs from Fischer, one of the market leaders for fastening systems, will be produced on an electric Allrounder 370 A with recyclate package and Multilift robotic system. The give-away is a prime example of a successful circular economy in the field of post industrial recyclate (PIR). The sprue is deposited directly in a mill. It is then returned straight back into the process as regrind and reused. Arburg wants to "rock" the arburgGREENworld pavilion with a young, completely new team at the stand. The team, which includes many trainees, will also be a striking reminder: sustainability is a key component of our future; today’s efforts are essential for future generations!
Sustainability on show: in the arburgGREENworld pavilion in the VDMA Circular Economy Forum, an electric Allrounder 370 A with recyclate package produces "Greenline" plugs from Fischer.