A breakthrough in the market for non-chemical treatment of process water in Bauer WT Systems technology

A breakthrough in the market…

The Faculty of Environmental Engineering and Energy Technology in the Cracow University of Technology at the commission of VGT Polska Spółka z o.o. with the financial support of EU as part of Regional Operational Programme for Małopolskie Voivodeship 

2014-2020 (project number: RPMP.01.02.03-12-0185/19-00) completed studies in the project entitled „The innovative VGT system for non-chemical treatment of process water” in Bauer WT Systems technology.    

The aim of the study was to carry out the analysis of a technique and an effect of non-chemical treatment of process water.

The diagnosis of existing issues related to water and techniques of water treatment  

The stabilization of process temperatures and cooling of machines are required in the plastic processing industry. For this reason, heating and cooling devices are applied. Water is most frequently used in these processes as a transfer medium. Unfortunately, water as a medium introduces many unwanted phenomena into cooling and heating systems (e.g. limescale, corrosion, microbiological growth). They lead to the decrease in the effectiveness of heat exchange. The most frequently applied method of preventing these unwanted phenomena is the introduction of chemicals into water. However, it is not a fully effective solution as water changes its parameters, requires constant analysis of its composition, and this results in the need for adjusting the quantity and quality of chemicals. Chemicals must frequently be added to water (e.g. every two weeks or once a month - depending on water issues). High saturation of water with chemicals necessitates its replacement, i.e. draining water from the entire circulatory system into the sewage system at least twice a year. This leads to the stoppage of the production process, harms the environment and generates additional costs.

Currently, in the plastic processing industry in Poland, there are no complex solutions to issues related to process water without the need of using chemicals. Therefore, there is an urgent need for solving them by applying the method of non-chemical water treatment, all the more so because the conversations between VGT Polska employees and Customers lead to the conclusion that there are more and more issues with water „quality” and the process will continue to grow. Because of that, a decision was made to conduct industrial studies aiming at carrying out the analysis of the effect of non-chemical treatment of process water with the use of Bauer WT Systems technology.

The description of the study 

The study was conducted during the period from 01.08.2020 to 31.12.2020 in the Faculty of Environmental Engineering and Energy Technology in the Cracow University of Technology. A test stand was prepared; it consisted of three test systems that are shown in the following Figures: 1,2,3. The aim of the five-month study was to make a comparison of water quality in three test systems, within different testing periods as well as determining the susceptibility of water tested in the systems to the growth of microorganisms and changes occurring in segments of pipes with corrosion, limescale and biological deposits. Apart from process tests conducted in three technological systems shown in Fig. 1, 2, 3, the analysis of basic quality parameters of water-pipe and process water was performed in order to meet the aim of the study.  

Figure 1. The diagram of the test system 1

Figure 2. The diagram of the test system 2
Figure 3. The diagram of the test system 3