A breakthrough in the market for non-chemical treatment of process water in Bauer WT Systems technology

 Conclusions and recommendations

The scientific studies prove the effectiveness of VGT Polska Sp. z o.o. system for non-chemical treatment of process water in Bauer WT Systems technology, consisting in the impact of electromagnetic field with variable pulsation and frequency, that removes previously formed deposits from the installation: limescale, corrosion, microbiological organisms, and prevents the formation of new deposits and pollutants.  

This solution does not require any service works and overhauls as the entire process of water treatment is automated. 

The application of VGT Polska system allows for the reduction in activity costs by i.a.: 

  • the reduction in energy consumption,
  • the acceleration of the production process due to the recovery of 100% cooling effectiveness,
  • the reduction in stoppages caused by cooling system failures,
  • no need for the replacement of water due to the elimination of chemicals,
  • no need for using chemicals
  • lower expenditures for environmental protection. 

In particular, the following conclusions may be drawn from the conducted study: 

  • The formation of limescale in industrial installations constitutes a serious technical problem.
  • Presented pictures clearly show the positive impact of the magnetic field generator that is likely to improve physical properties in terms of the solid-liquid separation, mainly through the aggregation of colloidal particles and affecting biological properties.
  • It also contributes to the removal of existing microbiological deposits (biofilm), limescale and corrosion products. The Bauer Pipejet 40 magnetic field generator prevents the growth of bacteria.
  • In the system 2, the formation of harmful deposits and biofilm was not confirmed.


It is recommended to apply VGT Polska Sp. z o.o. system for non-chemical water treatment (operating based on the Bauer Pipejet magnetic field generator) in order to secure water installations against the formation of limescale, corrosion and biofilm, and to remove the abovementioned previously formed deposits from water installations.