Wittmann Battenfeld at the Plastpol in Kielce

Automation and auxiliaries

In addition to the robots and auxiliary appliances connected to the machines on display, numerous robots and auxiliaries from Wittmann will also be shown as stand-alone solutions at the Plastpol in Kielce.

In the area of automation, Wittmann Battenfeld Polska will show the linear robot models WX138 with an A-C Servo axis and WX142 with an A-B-C Servo axis.
The additional rotation axes just mentioned stand out in particular by their extremely compact design. This reduces their space requirements inside the mold to a minimum, together with a significant increase in the robots’ flexibility. The robots of the WX series are equipped with the high-performance CNC9 robot control system, to which a large number of new functionalities have been added, including the digital twin. This function enables anticipatory and interactive testing of the robot’s movements and functions to almost completely eliminate the negative consequences of programming errors.


In addition to the robots from the WX series, the high-speed robot models SONIC 108 and SONIC 131 will be presented. The robots of the Sonic series have been optimized for maximum-speed parts removal in packaging and pick-and-place applications. They are designed for cycle times below 4 seconds.

Moreover, a Codemax RFID-coded coupling station including its M8 network control system will be shown. The latter prevents the supply of wrong materials to a processing machine caused by an operating error.

Wittmann Battenfeld Polska will also present a wide range of auxiliary equipment. The dryers to be shown include an Aton primus 120-300 segmented wheel dryer, a compact Drymax primus 30-70 dryer and a Card 10S compressed air dryer. The Aton segmented wheel dryer consists of numerous chambers loosely filled with desiccant balls, which ensure in combination with the innovative 3-Save process efficient utilization of energy as well as a continuous drying process with a constant dew point. The Drymax dryers are dry air dryers equipped with two desiccant cartridges, which deliver a continuous flow of process air with consistent drying air quality for perfect drying of plastic granulate.


The compressed air dryers from the Card G series are small and efficient. They are ideally suited for drying applications with low throughput rates.
As representative examples of temperature control technology, Wittmann Battenfeld Polska will show its appliance models Tempro primus C90, Tempro basic C120 and Tempro plus D140. The outstanding features of Tempro temperature controllers are reliability and easy operation. A smaller heat exchanger requires less circulating water, with the result of much shorter heating and cooling times.

Injection moulding machines, Chillers, Driers, Mills, cruschers, Batchers, Material conveyors, Temperature regulators, Robots and Manipulators

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