Today you can enjoy interesting online lectures about radiation sterilization of plastics on BGS ISD22

Today you can enjoy interesting…

BGS ISD22 starts today. Don’t miss a unique program full of lectures in the field of radiation sterilization. A virtual tour of the plant of the BGS Beta-Gamma-Service company is also a special program. Joachim Kinsch and Sören Berthold will accompany you on a tour of the plant in Bruchsal.

Experts from industry, science and associations will talk about different methods of radiation sterilization, the course of typical irradiation processes, opportunities for optimising logistics processes, and show how you can establish routine irradiation and benefit from processing categories!

You will have exclusive access to the live lectures, and gain access to numerous additional materials that BGS has compiled for you to download.
See program and make the registration on BGS Irradiation Service Days 2022


We improve the material properties of plastic parts (radiation crosslinking) and/or destroy any microorganisms that may be present on the product (radiation sterilization)